The Time Travellers

The Time Travellers
The Time Travellers


“Have you ever thought what it’s like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension, to be exiles?”

24 June, 2006. The TARDIS has landed in London. Ian and Barbara are almost back home. But this isn’t the city they knew. This city is a ruin, torn apart by war. A war that the British are losing.

With his friends mistaken for vagrants and sentenced to death, The Doctor is press-ganged into helping perfect a weapon that might just turn the tables in the war. The British Army has discovered time travel. And the consequences are already devastating.

What has happened to the world that Ian and Barbara once knew? How much of the experiment do The Doctor and Susan really understand?

And, despite all The Doctor has said to the contrary, is it actually possible to change history?


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  • The Time Travellers was the seventy-fourth BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel.
  • Barbara claims to have learned her lesson about changing history in Mexico in the 15th century. (The Aztecs)
  • In one timeline, Louise Bamford’s mother, Karen Baldwin, originally met her husband in 1975 and died in 1981. In another timeline, she was murdered by vagrants in 1972.
  • Ian Chesterton’s national service number was 15110404. He was a private.
  • When Ian and Barbara are returned to London on 26 June 1965, The Doctor gives them an envelope of British notes and coins, including a twenty pence coin which was minted in 1982.

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