The Time Destructor



The Time Destructor

First Seen In:

The Daleks’ Master Plan


The Time Destructor was a unique superweapon developed in the 40th century.


A small device, easy to carry, the Time Destructor would only work once, exhausting its taranium core. It could accelerate or reverse the flow of time with devastating effect. It was controlled by a switch. The Doctor’s TARDISoffered immunity from the distortions to the time flow. Once the Time Destructor had burnt itself out, its effects reversed for the survivors, though not for those killed by it. (The Daleks’ Master Plan)


From 3950 until circa 4000, an operation on the planet Uranus mined an emm of taranium, enough to power the weapon. The Daleks secretly obtained the taranium. They wanted to use the Time Destructor in their invasion of the Solar System and Earth in particular. (The Daleks’ Master Plan)

The Daleks kept the Time Destructor in a secret city on Kembel, reputedly the most dangerous planet in the universe. The First Doctor stole the taranium core and created a non-functional replica of it. Mavic Chen and the Supreme Dalek attempted to test the weapon on Trantis. They found that, without a functional core, it would not work.

Eventually, after chasing The Doctor and his companions through time and space, the taranium core was retrieved by The Daleks and re-installed. The Dalek Supreme ordered the Time Destructor placed in the flagship of the Dalek fleet. Meanwhile, The Doctor returned to Kembel, stole the Time Destructor and activated it in order to destroy The Daleks and their base. Fleeing the complex, they activated the Destructor. Time on Kembel began to advance at unnatural speed. This affected the vegetation, which slowly began to die and disappear. The Doctor himself and his human companion Sara Kingdom did likewise. The Daleks themselves remained unaffected. Sara aged to death, decayed into a skeleton and died as the planet turned into a lifeless wasteland.

With the reversal of the Time Destructor, The Daleks began to feel the effects, and reverted to helpless mutant embroyos without their shells. With the exhaustion of the taranium core, the Time Destructor turned into rusted junk. (The Daleks’ Master Plan, The Mutation of Time) this event triggered the Great War. (The Evil of the Daleks)

The Daleks used the Time Destructor during the Last Great Time War. The weapon destroyed the Nestene homeworld and several other planets. Its shockwave affected systems from Grantaginus to Mellandrova, and from the Farflung Rift to the Wolf’s Heart Nebula. The Doctor’s TARDIS was caught in its temporal wave. (Natural Regressedition)

Later in the War, the Time Lords used the Time Destructoron a stealth mission to destroy the Dalek fleet. The War Doctor replaced the Time Lord soldiers charged with activating the weapon, and detonated it himself. The Time Destructor succeeded in destroying most of the Dalek fleet. (The Innocent)

In a parallel universe, the Time Lords utilised time dreadnoughts armed with multiple time destructors, which were miniature Eyes of Harmony. (The Quantum Archangel)

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