The Skymines of Karthos

The Skymines of Karthos

The Skymines of Karthos

Regular Cast

Lisa Bowerman (Bernice Summerfield), Miles Richardson (Irving Braxiatel), Rebecca Jackson (Caitlin Peters), Jimmy Wilson (Michael Peters), Johnson Willis (Professor Konstantin)


When Bernice receives a message from herold friend Caitlin, saying that she’s found evidence of a ruined civilisation on the mining colony of Karthos, the good professor is naturally intrigued. After all, the planet is meant to be barren, with no life other than the colonists.

Arriving on Karthos, Bernice finds that Caitlin is missing, and the colony is under attack from vicious creatures that seem to have come from nowhere. Bernice has no choice but to set out for the heart of the ruins to discover just why Karthos seems to have sprung to life once more…

Written by: David Bailey

Directed by: Ed Salt



  • The Skymines of Karthos was the tenth Bernice Summerfield audio story produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 8 April 2000.
  • From this adventure onwards the original theme tune returns.
  • The liner notes state that she is about five months along at the time of the Skymines of Karthos.


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