The Skithra




The Skithra

Biological Type:


Notable Individuals:

Queen of the Skithra


Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror


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The Skithra were a species of Scorpion-like beings. At least one individual, the Queen of the Skithra, had a partly humanoid appearance. As a hive species, if the Queen was destroyed, then the rest would die.

The Skithra were able to fire an energy resembling electricity from their stingers. This energy would appear green when being charged and would turn red when about to be fired.

The Skithra would steal the technology of other races and use it for themselves. Races that the Skithra are known to have stolen from include the Silurians, Thassor, Venusians, Klendov, and Dullirians.

The Skithra Queen threatened the Earth with a stolen Venusian spaceship with a Klendov warp drive and a Dullirian resonator. (Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror)

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