The Secrets of Det-Sen

The Secrets of Det-Sen

The Secrets of Det-Sen


Peter Purves (Steven Taylor / First Doctor), Lauren Cornelius (Dodo Chaplet), Paul Courtenay Hyu (Oddiyāna), Kerry Gooderson (Pema Tsering)


The Doctor, Steven and Dodo arrive in the Himalayas, and set off a chain of events that will haunt The Doctor through many lives.


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In The Secrets of Det-Sen, we learn of the events preceding The Abominable Snowmen, originally broadcast in 1967. For the first time on audio, Lauren Cornelius takes on the iconic role of Dodo Chaplet, alongside Peter Purves in the dual roles of the First Doctor and Steven Taylor.

Producer Alfie Shaw said:

“The Secrets of Det-Sen is the first appearance of Dodo as played by Lauren Cornelius. I know there’s been a growing demand for more stories with Dodo, and so it’s a delight to be able to make that happen. Lauren is fantastic in the role, and I can’t wait for listeners to hear her in action!”

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