The Second Master Collection

The Second Master Collection
The Second Master Collection


Five exciting novelisations of classic TVstories in which The Doctor and his companions encounter a colourful assortment of aliens.

In Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil the renegade Time Lord masquerades as eminent scientist Emil Keller, operatorof a deadly parasitical machine.

In Doctor Who and the Claws of Axos golden aliens arrive on Earth and offer the hand of friendship – but why is The Masteron board their spaceship?

In Doctor Who: The King’s Demons it’s 1215 and the Doctor arrives in the presence of royalty – but King John is not all as he seems.

In Doctor Who: The Five Doctors past incarnations of the Doctor are kidnapped – and the Master is sent to rescue them!

In Doctor Who: Survival something is killing the domestic cats of Perivale, and the Doctor steps into a well-prepared trap…

Richard Franklin, Mark Strickson, Jon Culshaw and Lisa Bowerman read these classic tales, originally published as Target Books paperbacks.

Duration: 20 hours 30 minutes approx ? 2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd © 2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd


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