The Sash of Rassilon

The Invasion of Time


Sash of Rassilon



Made By:


Used By:

Lord President

First Appearance:

The Deadly Assassin


The Invasion of Time, The Scrolls of Rassilon, The Eleven, Time in Office


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The Sash of Rassilon was a cellular manipulator that altered genetics. Linked to the correct biodata, it could rip Time Lords apart. (The Eleven)

There were originally two Sashes of Rassilon, and were first intended to be personal force shields. Rassilon gave one to Omega and kept the other for himself. (The Scrolls of Rassilon)

It gave those who wore it protection from the gravitationaland energy forces which emanated from the Eye of Harmony. It also offered some control over the Eye itself. However, it had less power than its reputation suggested and would not have saved The Master had he opened the Eye fully. (The Deadly Assassin)

It was one of the many Artefacts of Rassilon which were given to a newly elected President of the High Council. It was also a sacredits item and the Time Lords bowed down to it. (The Invasion of Time)

Attending the opening of a new Capitol building as Lord President, the Fifth Doctor donned the Sash of Rassilon as part of a Presidential dress he was forced to wear. (Time in Office)

The Sash would be stolen by the Time Lord criminal known as the Eleven. (The Eleven)

At the start of the War, the Enemy destroyed the Sash so that it could not be used against them. (Alien Bodies)

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