The Runaway

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The Runaway



First Released

16 May 2019


The Runaway
The Runaway
TThe Runaway
The Runaway
The Runway
The Runaway
The Runaway
The Runaway
The Runaway
The Runway
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Regular Cast

Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor), Richard Eifyn (SPUDSofficer), Maria McClurg (Motion Capture Performance)


Written by Victoria Asare-Archer
Directed by Mathias Chelebour
Produced by Matthew Rogers, Alex Mercer


the Thirteenth Doctor takes you, the Player, on an adventure to return an alien creature named Volta back to his home planet and parents..


The Player wakes up inside the TARDIS and is greeted by the Thirteenth Doctor, who scans you with her sonic screwdriver, saying you got caught in a”flying alien versus space vehicle accident” and twisted your ankle, knee and got a bruised hip, and proceeds to tell you to stay calm and still.

Saying that, in fact, they should ALL stay calm and turns on some music[statement unclear], but quickly turns it off as it is rock music. She does acknowledge she generally”love[s] the track, [as it’s] great for cardio”. She next tries another track, but finds out it’s pop music. Finally, The Doctor tries a third one. This time, it’s relaxing mood music, and the Doctor says she can feel both hearts slowing down.

She then introduce you to Volta, and Engarian entity made of pure energy that can explode when stressed and turn into a black hole, unless he is back in his own galaxy. She has built a machine to help it stay calm. She then gives Volta a very mild tell- off for running away from home to discover and tells him that his parents are worried sick, until they are attacked by the Special Positron Undercover Death Squad, a unit who specializes in hunting down and destroying whatever threatens the very stability of the universe.

they start searching the TARDIS for instabilities and clears The Doctor and you but finds Volta volatile and announce a strict violation of Code 27592KJGD9 and ask nicely to hand over all explosive items onboard or else the TARDIS and all its content would be destroyed, giving her 30 seconds to comply.

As the seconds go, The Doctor tells you they need to get away and gives you her sonic, connecting it to a steering map so you can fly the TARDIS while she tries to calm down Volta.

As you steer the TARDIS through a junk field the SPUD Squad tries to stop you from escaping and calls for assistance.

As the TARDIS continues to hurtle through space, the Squad offers you a final chance. However, they end up having to use stasis clamps to stop you, so close to the Engarian home planet. As the emergency power in the TARDIS turns on, the Squad prepares for destruction as The Doctor finds a headlight. She tries to start the TARDIS to no avail as the Squad counts down.

She then finds a box of puppetry from an old acquaintance that you can try calming Volta with. As you do that, The Doctor tries to fix the circuits of the TARDIS. She then sends out an electro-magnetic pulse and starts up the TARDIS to find them in the Engarians’ galaxy, next to the planet.

However, she realises that the EMP has triggered Volta’s stress instability and he grows bigger, then miniaturizes into a bright ball and explodes into a black hole that sucks everything in.

As The Doctor holds on to the console she tells you to transfer the electro-magnetic energy into the time rotor by using the sonic. As it doesn’t work, The Doctor slams the machine holding Volta, which eventually sends Volta hurtling towards the wall and returning to his own form.

He then flies around the TARDIS, thanking The Doctor and you for helping as his parents turns up to pick him up.

The Doctor then congratulates you and prepares to send you back to Earth, but stops and ask you if you are ready for another trip.

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