The Romanov Project

The Romanov Project
The Romanov Project


Toby Longworth reads this original adventure for the Thirteenth Doctor and Graham, as played on TV by Jodie Whittaker and Bradley Walsh.

“There is a darkness here. A darkness that feeds.”

It’s 1970, and record-breaking explorer Silvia Sandstrom has completed an epic lone drive to the North Pole. But as she activates her on-board experimental equipment, her vehicle is swallowed by a massive hole in the ice.

Meanwhile the TARDIS is drawn to an arid wasteland, also apparently at the North Pole. There The Doctor and Graham meet Silvia – but it’s clear that she is a woman out of her own time.

Why is a nearby experimental base haunted by deranged figures? And who is the genius behind the Romanov Project, the wave of energy that now threatens to rip the Earth apart at every point in history?

Toby Longworth reads Niel Bushnell’s atmospheric story about human endeavour and its consequences.


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