The Robots 1

The Robots 1
The Robots 1

Regular Cast

Nicola Walker (Liv Chenka), Claire Rushbrook (Tula Chenka), Eric Carte (Arak Varren), Jon Culshaw (SV90 / V88 / V19), Annabelle Dowler (Jasdar Crick), Daniel Goode (Kelov), Jaye Griffiths (Til Rork), Anthony Howell (Volar Crick), Venice Van Someren (Vissey), Robert Whitelock (Skellen / V48 / SV66), Tracy Wiles (V98 / V7))


During the events of Doctor Who: Ravenous 2, Liv Chenka left The Doctor and the TARDIS behind. Just forone year. A year during which she would live on Kaldor, and get to know her sister Tula all over again.

But Kaldor is going through a period of tumultuous change. Technology is changing at an advanced rate – the robots are evolving, artificial intelligence is adapting, and with these changes, so politics is altering too. Dangerously.

Can Liv and Tula make a difference during the most turbulent time in the world’s history?

1.1 The Robots of Life by Roland Moore

Settling into life back on Kaldor, Liv investigates a medical centre where the patients are dying.

1.2 The Sentient by Robert Whitelock

Vissey is a young child – the sort of perfect young girl any parents would want to adopt. She is also artificial, and she sees the world in a very different way to humans.

1.3 Love Me Not by John Dorney

A widower goes to extreme lengths to keep the memories of his dead wife alive.



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