The Ribos Operation


Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation


Pages 143
ISBN 0-426-20092-6
Publication Date 11 December 1979


Reluctantly cancelling his well-earned holiday, The Doctor sets off in the TARDIS to trace and re-assemble the six segments of the Key to Time on which the stability of the entire Universe depends.

Assisted by the argumentative Romanadvoratrelundar and K9, he lands on the planet Ribos in search of the first segment and finds himself entangled in the machinations of two sinister strangers, Garron and the Graff Vynda Ka.Who are they? Is Garron simply a shady confidence-trickster dealing in interplanetary real estate? Is the Graff Vynda Ka just a power-crazed exile bent on revenge?

Or are They both really agents of the Black Guardian, intent upon seizing the precious Key in order to throw the Universe into eternal chaos? Risking his life within the monster-infested catacombs of Ribos, The Doctor has to use all his wit and ingenuity to find out …



  1. Unwelcome Strangers
  2. The Beast in the Citadel
  3. A Shaky Start
  4. Double Dealings
  5. Arest and Capture
  6. Unlikely Allies
  7. Escape into the Unknown
  8. The Doctor Changes Sides
  9. Lost and Found
  10. Conjuring Tricks


  • The Fourth Doctor plans to holiday in Occhinos instead of Halergan 3.
  • The Guardian’s meeting place dissolves into space and The Doctor nearly makes it to the TARDIS.
  • The tracer is called the Locatormutor Core.
  • Romana graduated from the Academy with a Triple Alpha while The Doctor graduated with Double Gamma on the second attempt.
  • Cyrrhenis Minima is renamed Cyrrhenis Minimis.
  • Jethrik is renamed Jethryk.
  • The Graff Vynda-K is renamed the Graff Vynda Ka.
  • The Graff is unhinged and needs Sholack to control him.
  • The Seeker is unaffected when the Graff stabs her to death, but carries on in a zombie-like form.
  • The end of the story happens in a different order to the televised story.

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