The Psychic Circus

The Psychic Circus
The Psychic Circus

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), James Dreyfus (The Master), Chris Jury (Kingpin), Ian Reddington (Chief Clown), Sioned Jones (Morgana / Minister), Anna Leong Brophy (Juniper / Ragnarok God 2), Andrew James Spooner (Panpipe / Whydini / Ragnarok God)


Lots of fun for the family, at the Greatest Show in the Galaxy!
When a junkmail robot invades the TARDIS, The Doctor gets led down an unnervingly familiar path.
Meanwhile, space beatniks Kingpin and Juniper Berry just want to hitch rides and busk – until a greater purpose calls.
The Doctor’s past and Kingpin’s future are entangled by malevolent forces. The Psychic Circus is just beginning: it may lack clowns, but it already has a Master…



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