The Price of Paradise

The Price of Paradise
The Price of Paradise


Laylora – the Paradise Planet. A world of breath-taking beauty, where the peace-loving inhabitants live in harmony with their environment. Or do they? The Doctor and Rose arrive to find that the once perfect eco-system is showing signs of failing. The Paradise Planet has become a death trap as terrifying creatures from ancient legends appear and stalk the land.

Is there a connection between the human explorers who have crash-landed and the savage monsters? And what price might one human have to pay to save the only home he has ever known?

Tenth Doctor and Rose are in a race against time to find a cure for a sick planet.

Featuring The Doctor and Rose as played by David Tennant and Billie Piper in the hit series from BBC Television.

An abridged reading of the story released as an audiobook on 2x CD read by Shaun Dingwall.

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  • The Price of Paradise was an abridged reading of the story released as an audiobook on 2x CD read by Shaun Dingwall.
  • In his pockets, The Doctor carries a couple of yo-yos, a packet of boiled sweets, a pack of playing cards, a conker, a toy car, a banana and a cricket ball.
  • This is Rose’s last novel appearance.
  • This story was also released as an ebook available from the Amazon Kindle store.
  • Rose asks if the SOS signal is a mauve alert (amongst other colours), said by the Ninth Doctor to be an intergalactic signal for danger. (The Empty Child)
  • The Moxx of Balhoon and the Ood are mentioned. (The End of the World, The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit)
  • Rose compares Witiku to the Werewolf. (Tooth and Claw)
  • Rose rummages through The Doctor’s pockets and notices that they are biggeron the inside, like the TARDIS. Donna Noble later mentions this. (The Runaway Bride)
  • Trisilicate Crystals are used to power the Humphrey Bogart, and are found in abundance on Laylora. (The Curse of Peladon)
  • Rose tells Rez, “You can trust me on this “, thinking of her father, a reference to the alternate-world Peter Tyler who used the phrase as his catchphrase. (Rise of the Cybermen)
  • Rose remembers their visit to ancient Rome. (The Stone Rose)
  • Rose recalls she once hid in a cupboard in 10 Downing Street While the house fell apart around her. (World War Three)
  • The Doctor saved a sentient planet in Grimm Reality


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