The Power of the Daleks Special Edition

The Power of the Daleks Special Edition DVD
The Power of the Daleks Special Edition DVD


Number of DVDs: 3
DVD Number: BBCDVD4431
Certification: PG
Duration: 150 minutes
Release Date: 27 Jul. 2020


The BBC has announced a new Doctor Who DVD and Blu-Ray release – The Power of the Daleks ‘Special Edition’ – to be released 6th July. ‘The six animated episodes replace the 2016 physical and digital release, with new and improved animation and authentic black and white visuals

Episode Guide


Disc 1:


Updated 2020 Animated Version
Original Mono Mix
Stereo Remix
5.1 Surround Mix

Audio Commentary

Toby Hadoke presents a special audio commentary on the making of The Power of the Daleks.

Episode 1: Anneke Wills (Polly), Derek Dodd (Designer) and Michael Bryant (Floor Manager)
Episode 2: Anneke Wills (Polly), Edward Kelsey (Resno), Derek Dodd (Designer) and Michael Bryant (Floor Manager)
Episode 3: Nicholas Hawtrey (Quinn) and Alexandra Tynan (Costume Designer)
Episode 4: David Hankinson (Dalek Operator 2005-08), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Voices 2005-Present) and Robert Shearman (Writer Dalek)
Episode 5: Adrian Salmon (Shader), Martin Geraghty (Line Art) and Charles Norton (Producer)
Episode 6: Anneke Wills (Polly), Derek Dodd (Designer) and Michael Bryant (Floor Manager)

Animation Gallery

A collection of character artwork, designs, storyboards and background paintings from the new animated production of The Power of the Daleks.

Easter Egg

Deleted Scene from Episode 1.

Disc 2:

Bonus Features

Telesnap Reconstruction

Using original film frames, fragments of footage and the unedited 1966 audio track, this specially created reconstruction attempts to recreate an (as close-as-possible) presentation of what the original 1966 BBC television production of The Power of the Daleks may have looked like to BBC 1 viewers at the time. All six episodes are available with the option of either an audio description track (read by Anneke Wills) or descriptive subtitles, to accompany the reconstructed visuals.

1993 Audiobook

In 1993, The Power of the Daleks was released as a special double cassette tape set from the BBC Audio Collection. Together with an edited version of the original 1966 audio, this release featured newly produced narration read by Tom Baker. It marked the first time that The Power of the Daleks had been made commercially available. The audio from both sides of both tapes are presented here in full.

Original BBC 1 Trailer

This original 1966 BBC television trailer was used to promote the first episode of The Power of the Daleks to viewers on BBC 1 in November 1966.

Surviving Footage Compilation

None of the six original mastertapes of The Power of the Daleks were ever retained by the BBC archives. The last known complete copies of all six episodes are believed to have been destroyed in 1975. Today only short sections of footage from these lost episodes have survived. These film fragments from episodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 vary enormously in quality and duration and are drawn from a broad range of sources. All of them have been brought together here in full. They include a number of very brief fragments of footage from episodes 4 and 5, to which the BBC has only recently been granted access. Although picture quality is variable, all the footage has been newly remastered to the highest practical standards, with some sections presented in full high definition for the very first time.

Original Title Sequence Film

An unedited presentation of the original Doctor Who title sequence, created from an HD re-master of original previously thought lost 1963 film elements.

Dalek Session Recordings

Many of the Dalek voices you hear in The Power of the Daleks were recorded by voice artist Peter Hawkins on Monday, 12th September, 1966 at BBC Maida Vale studios. The tapes of that days’ recording session still survive and material from that session is presented here.

Incidental Music

An unedited compilation of Tristram Cary’s incidental music score for The Power of the Daleks. Audio mastering by Mark Ayres.


Photogrammetry is a technique whereby multiple images of a place or object are used to digitally recreate that place or object in 3D. Presented here are three photogrammetry renders of sets from the original 1966 production of The Power of the Daleks, created using photographs taken on the studio floor during the original shoot. They provide a unique opportunity to see how the story would have looked on set at Riverside Studios in the winter of 1966.

Photo Gallery

An expanded collection of 85 BBC photographs taken in the studio during the original 1966 production of The Power of the Daleks. Included in this collection are a number of never before released full-colour photographs that have only very recently been rediscovered.

Easter Egg

The Dodd Archive

Disc 3:

Bonus Features

The Power of the Daleks – From Script to Screen

A brand new documentary detailing the progress of Patrick Troughton’s first Doctor Who story from script to screen. Including interviews with members of the original 1966 crew. Narrated by Toby Hadoke.

The Power of the Daleks – Behind the Scene

BAFTA winning visual effects designer and Doctor Who effects veteran, Mike Tucker helps to recreate a classic scene from the original 1966 production of The Power of the Daleks and explains how the original sequence was achieved. Using only period production techniques; sixties film cameras and stock; a replica set and moulds taken from the original miniature effects props.

Servants & Masters- The Making of The Power of the Daleks

Actors Bernard Archard and Anneke Wills, director Christopher Barry and composer Tristram Cary recall their work on the original 1966 television production of The Power of the Daleks in this 2016 feature produced by John Kelly.

Whicker’s World: A Handful of Horrors

I Don’t Like My Monsters to Have Oedipus Complexes…

In this BBC 2 programme from 1968, Alan Whicker takes a look at the worlds of horror, fantasy and science fiction in film, television and theatre – interviewing horror stars Christopher Lee, Barbara Steele alongside Doctor Who writer (and Dalek originator) Terry Nation and Dalek film producer Milton Subotsky. Also featuring unique colour footage of both the 1960s Dalek props and the original Yeti costume from the 1967 Doctor Who story, The Abominable Snowmen. Digitally remastered from a brand new 2K film scan of the original camera negatives, with kind permission of the Whicker’s World Foundation.

Daleks: The Early Years

In this 1992 documentary, Peter Davison looks back at the early Dalek episodes of the 1960s. Featuring interviews form Dalek creators Terry Nation and Raymond P. Cusick; Dalek voice artist Roy Skelton and Dalek operator John Scott Martin. The programme includes extracts from: The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964), The Chase (1965) and The Power of the Daleks (1966). Cutdown version.

Robin Hood – The Abbot of Saint Mary’s

In March 1953, Patrick Troughton starred in the first British television production of Robin Hood. Troughton was one of the earliest true stars of television drama in Britain and his part in Robin Hood was one of many prominent TV roles in the 1940s and 50s. Most television drama of the time was broadcast live with few programmes ever recorded. In spite of this, a large part of the second episode of Robin Hood (The Abbot of Saint Mary’s), was recorded by the BBC and still survives today in the BBC archives. It is the earliest surviving television performance of Patrick Troughton and one of the earliest known British television drama recordings of any kind. It is released here for the first time since its one and only television broadcast on 24th March, 1953.

BBC South Today Footage

In May 1966, just a few months ahead of production starting on The Power of the Daleks, the BBC visited the Guildhall in Southampton for a special BBC Week exhibition, promoting the activities of BBC Television and BBC Radio in the regions. One of the core attractions a the event was one of the BBC’s own Dalek props (used during the filming of The Power of the Daleks a few months later). No footage of the special event was thought to exist, until BBC researcher Rickard Latto discovered a roll of BBC regional news film of the exhibition in the BBC South archives in 2016. The otherwise silent film is presented here with narration from Latto, explaining the context of the footage and how it came to be rediscovered.

BBC Wales Footage

As part of Richard Latto’s researches into the BBC regional film archives, several rolls of Dalek related film from other public events in the mid 1960s were also discovered in the archives of BBC Wales. They are presented here for the very first time with narration from Richard Latto.

Blue Peter

A short extract from the BBC magazine programme, in which The Power of the Daleks featured.


In November 2016, the BBC’s flagship evening current affairs programme Newsnight ran a special feature on the lost television programmes
of the 1960s. The new animated production of The Power of the Daleks was included in this feature as was material relating to The Avengers (1961) and Z Cars (1962).

BBC Breakfast Report

In this report from November 2016, Louise Minchin and Dan Walker speak to animator Rob Ritchie about his work on the Power of the Daleks animation.

Animation Trailers

Two specially produced trailers, created to promote the release of The Power of the Daleks animation online.

Animation Test Footage

A compilation of animation test footage created during the production process of the new animated Power of the Daleks.


Extracts from the animatic (storyboard video), used in the process of creating the final animation for The Power of the Daleks.

BBC Radio Spots

A series of BBC radio pieces on the new Power of the Daleks animation.

ROM Content

A collection of original BBC paperwork related to the 1966 production of The Power of the Daleks, including the original shooting script, can be accessed by opening the ROM files on this disc with your computer’s disc drive. Also included among this material is an expanded 46 page set of production notes on the making of The Power of the Daleks, written by Andrew Pixley. Includes Audience Research Report, Character Notes, Camera Scripts, Programme as Broadcast, Expanded Viewing notes, and Radio Times and Listener Cuttings

Missing Bonus Features
2016 Animated Version
2016 Colour Animated Version
2005 MP3 CD Telesnap Reconstruction



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