The Power of the Daleks Special Edition Blu-Ray

The Power of the Daleks Special Edition Blu-Ray
The Power of the Daleks Special Edition Blu-Ray


Number of DVDs: 3
DVD Number: BBCDVD4431
Certification: TBA
Release Date: ‎ 27 July 2020


The BBC has announced a new Doctor Who DVD and Blu-Ray release – The Power of the Daleks ‘Special Edition’ – to be released 6th July.‘ The six animated episodes replace the 2016 physical and digital release, with new and improved animation and authentic black and white visuals

Episode Guide


– Two new documentaries about Power of the Daleks
– 1993 BBC audio version of the Power of the Daleks narrated by Tom Baker
– Raw incidental music
– Photogrammetry Featurette
– Whicker’s World – I Don’t Like My Monsters to Have Oedipus Complexes
– daleks – The Early Years: A 1992 documentary presented by Peter Davison
– Robin Hood – 1953 Episode: Patrick Troughton’s earliest surviving TV appearance
– BBC archive footage from BBC regional news, BBC Breakfast, Blue Peter and Newsnight
– Previously unreleased animation trailers and animatics
– Easter Eggs

And old favourites including:

– Audio commentaries by Anneke Wills on each episode
– Animation test footage
– Photo Gallery, including previously unreleased and rediscovered full colouron-set photos from 1966.
– Servants & Masters – The Making of the Power of the Daleks
– Doctor Who – The Highlanders



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