The Nth Doctor

The Nth DoctorThe Nth Doctor
The Nth Doctor


Over the last three decades, several film production companies have held the rights to make a Doctor Who movie. To this day, intensespeculation surrounds the details of these unmade productions. Here, for the first time, is an in-depth exploration of the Doctor Who films that almost were, including detailed synopses and extracts from the scripts themselves, interviews with the writers, behind-the-scenes articles explaining how these productions came to be, why the contemplated films were never shot, and the role played by stars such as Leonard Nimoy and Steven Spielberg.

The Nth Doctor is a lot of fun – by showing the process of how Doctor Who might have started again, we can get a lot of insight about why it is one of our favourite programs.”
-Michael Lee, Minnesota Doctor Who Information List

“I really enjoyed this look at what Doctor Who might have been. The Nth Doctor is a nice addition to the range of non-fiction Who and covers an area about which little was previously known.”
-David Howe, Howe’s Who

Jean-Marc and Randy L officier are award-winning comic-book writers and translators. They wrote several books about series and a French Science Fiction Encyclopedia. They have also written scripts for television series such as The Real Ghostbusters and Duck Tales.


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