The New Adventures Volume One: The Runaway Train / The Ring of Steel

The New Adventures Volume One: The Runaway Train / The Ring of Steel
The New Adventures Volume One: The Runaway Train / The Ring of Steel


US-released box set containing The Runaway Train and the Ring of Steel. Followed by the similar releases Volume Two and Volume Three before BBC America abandoned this numbering scheme for subsequent releases.

Two Original Doctor Who Adventures, Read by Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill of the Hit Series on BBC America!

THE RUNAWAY TRAIN, written by Oli Smith and read by Matt Smith

Arriving on Earth in the midst of the American Civil War, The Doctor and Amy must get a posse together to help them retrieve an alien artifact that has fallen into the clutches of the Confederate Army. The terraforming device belongs to the Cei, a race of invaders who plan to use it to turn the planet into a new home world. But neither the Army nor the aliens are keen to let The Doctor and his gang interfere with their plans, and give chase across the Wild West. The only hope of escape for The Doctor and friends is to catch the 3.25 to Arizona. The Runaway Train is read by Matt Smith who plays The Doctor in the acclaimed hit series from BBC America.

THE RING OF STEEL, written by Stephen Cole and read by Arthur Darvill

When the TARDIS lands on Orkney in the near future, The Doctor and Amy arrive to find a demonstration over the construction of new electricity pylons. The Doctor tries to break things up peacefully – but suddenly the road splits open and swallows police, security guards and protestors alike. Amy takes charge of transporting the wounded to the hospital – but the rescue mission becomes a terrifying ride as the pylons come to life and begin to walk, and the road rears up. The Doctor, meanwhile, has to find out who is sucking the life out of the power company’s employees – and just what is lurking inside the Astra-Gen headquarters. The Ring of Steel is read by Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory Williamsin the series.


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