The Myth Makers

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The Myth MakersThe Myth Makers


Pages 142
ISBN 0-426-20170-1
Publication Date 12 September 1985


Long, long ago on the great plains of Asia Minor, two mighty armies faced each other in mortal combat. The armies were the Greeks and the Trojansand the prize they were fighting for was Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world.

To the Greeks it seemed that the city of Troy was impregnable and only a miracle could bring them success.

And then help comes to them in a most unexpected way as a strange blue box materialises close to their camp, bringing with it the First Doctor, Steven and Vicki, who soon find themselves caught up in the irreversible tide of history and legend…



  1. Homer Remembers
  2. Zeus Ex Machina
  3. Hector Forgets
  4. Enter Odysseus
  5. Exit The Doctor
  6. A Rather High Tea
  7. Agamemnon Arbitrates
  8. An Execution is Arranged
  9. Temple Fugit
  10. The Doctor Draws a Graph
  11. Paris Draws the Line
  12. Small Prophet, Quick Return
  13. War Games Compulsory
  14. Single Combat
  15. Speech! Speech!
  16. The Trojans at Home
  17. Cassandra Claims a Kill
  18. The Ultimate Weapon
  19. A Council of War
  20. Paris Stands on Ceremony
  21. Dungeon Party
  22. Hull Low, Young Lovers
  23. A Victory Celebration
  24. Doctor in the Horse
  25. A Little Touch of Hubris
  26. Abandon Ship!
  27. Armageddon and After

  • Epilogue


  • Steven is not injured during his fight with the Trojan warrior, but confusingly is suffering from blood poisoning as a result of his shoulder wound at the start of the first  of the two novelisations of the following First Doctor televised story, The Daleks’ Master Plan
  • The book is told entirely from Homer’s point of view, meaning many scenes, such as Steven getting wounded by the Trojan soldier, are cut out. Homer also takes on the role of the Greek servant Cyclops.
  • The Doctor thinks they have landed in the Kalahari.

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