The Myloki



The Myloki


“The Indestructable Man”


The Myloki, a pan-dimensional race whose nature was never fully understood, arrived on Earth in the year 2066, setting up an alien city on the moon. Captain Karl Taylor was sent to investigate it, but the sights and sounds of the city were so incomprehensible that he tried to destroy the city, thus triggering a war between humans and the Myloki – specifically, the Myloki fought PRISM, a secret organisation apparently crewed by members of the society that UNIT had become. The Myloki, for reasons unknown, mainly attacked Earth by transforming ordinary humans into their puppets, thus stopping them registering any self-damage and making them push themselves further than humans could manage, creating the appearance that they were physically superior to humans. These beings, known as ‘Shiners’, were the Myloki’s main weapons, but there were two exceptions to the normal rule, two humans who were duplicated by replicating and improving DNA. The first of these was Captain Taylor himself, who, as a result of the process, gained superhuman strength, no longer needed to eat, sleep or breath, and could not be killed in combat by any normal means.

The second duplicate was Captain Grant Matthews, a high-ranking member of PRISM, but in his case, the duplication process was so good that PRISM officers actually managed to bring his original personality back and turn him against the Myloki, even though he knew that he was only a clone of Matthews, and not the original. Matthews and Taylor quickly became arch-enemies, the two of them constantly fighting to a draw due to their inability to actually kill the other, even though Matthews had the obvious advantage of appearing sentient while Taylor appeared to be little more than a more effective Shiner, he could operate machinery and other things, but he never even spoke so much as a single word, and seemed to show the same lack of initiative as the normal Shiners did.

Eventually, Taylor was lured into a trap by Matthews and sealed in 6, 000 litres of modified liquid concrete at the bottom of the sea, while Matthews, armed with a twenty-megaton bomb, went straight to the Myloki base and destroyed it, causing every Shineron the planet to collapse. However, the war effort had drained so much of Earth’s resources that the world economy collapses, and the planet fell into chaos and social disorder. A disgruntled member of PRISM, Neville Verdana- who resented the fact that the ordinary Grant Matthews got the gift of immortality instead of him – then published a tell-all exposé revealing the truth about the war, and revealing that Matthews survived the nuclear explosion and was still alive somewhere on Earth. In the face of public outrage, PRISM was forced to go underground as a clandestine organisation named SILOET, but it continued to draw on the shattered world’s resources to maintain a constant watch in case the Myloki should return. Matthews, on the other hand, tired and weary at the prospect of immortality – something the human mind was never designed to accept – left SILOET and began to wander the world…

Eventually, this state of calm ended in 2098, when the TARDIS, containing the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe, materialised on SKYHOME – PRISM’s old airborne base- by accident. Believing them to be a Myloki attack force, Hal Bishop, commanderof SILOET, had them brought down to Earth, but when the three of them tried to escape, Jamie and Zoe were forced to watch as The Doctor was shot in the head- not only having his skull and frontal lobe damaged by the bullet, but then breaking his nose, jaw, right femur, and collarbone, along with suffering spine damage. Under normal circumstances, these injuries should have caused The Doctor to regenerate – indeed, his DNA started to rewire itself even as he was wheeled into the medical bay – but, while trying to ‘block’ the process, the surgeons injected him with Shiner DNA, which stopped The Doctor regenerating while keeping him alive long enough for his body to begin to heal the damage done to it, although it necessitated him staying in a coma for six months.

while The Doctor recovered from his injuries, Jamie and Zoe managed to make some sort of life for themselves in the outside world, but unfortunately, they both got separated and, due to the trauma of recent events, quite literally fell apart. Zoe, unable to take the trauma of the real world, had retreated into her new job and become fixated with the sheer logic of it, at least in number-crunching, everything made more sense than in the real world. Jamie, meanwhile, had fallen into the hands of the charismatic Mr MacKenzie, who, seeking an explanationfor the destruction caused in the war, had become convinced that the Myloki had been God coming to punish mankind for their wickedness, and the Shiners were those blessed with the ‘gift’ of immortality. Just as things began to get serious for the two of them, The Doctor regained consciousness, and, although weak and shaken by his near-regeneration, he was soon able to realise that something serious had happened, when he had been injected with Shiner DNA, for a few brief moments, he had become a Shiner himself… and that brief moment of renewed contact with Earth had given the Myloki all they needed to find Earth again.

Having convinced Bishop of his non-Myloki status, The Doctor had Bishop find his friends, but unfortunately neither meeting went well, Jamie, believing The Doctor to be dead, convinced himself that The Doctor was merely an robotic double of the original (Otherwise he couldn’t justify the terrible things he’d done earlier), and, in their recovery of Zoe, the SILOET agents had killed a man Zoe had come to love, and she actually tried to kill herself twice before The Doctor showed up. Once The Doctor had convinced SILOET that the Myloki were coming back, he was sent off with Captain Alex Storm (A former psychopath, unfortunately) to try and track down Matthews, while Zoe was forced to work with SILOET and Jamie was kept in an underwater base called OCEAN FLOOR to ensure The Doctor’s good behaviour. (During her time on SKYHOME, however, Zoe was shaken out of her retreat into the world of computers by her encounter with another scientist who was uncomfortably like her).

The Doctor and Storm eventually tracked Matthews to the island base of the Sharon family, who used to run a worldwide rescue service called Global Response before they were exposed and the father committed suicide in despair when their chief scientist, Professor Dwight “B offin” Graham, went to work for PRISM, only John Sharon, the youngest of the five brothers, was left alive, now working as a doctor for the isolated tribe in the island’s rainforest. The Doctor and Storm eventually found a figure on the beach that appeared to be Matthews, but then two disturbing facts arose. Firstly, that Bishop had sent Storm along on the mission with a device designed to kill the ‘Indestructible Man’, believing that he was what the Myloki had come back for… and secondly, that the figure was actually Captain Taylor, freed from his prison by a disturbed Jamie who didn’t realise just what had been trapped there. Storm was killed in the fight, but, just in time, Matthews arrived, keeping Tayloroccupied until Jamie could use Storm’s weapon to take out Taylor (It then destroyed itself, as it was designed forone use only). Thankfully, Jamie now believed that The Doctor was real, after seeing him fighting Taylor before Jamie and Matthews arrived… because Taylor had been evil, and the Doctor always fought evil.

SILOET troops then arrived to arrest Matthews, who gave himself up willingly on The Doctor’s advice, and they went up to SKYHOME, where SILOET was fighting an apparently losing battle against the Myloki. As soon as they entered, however, B offin killed Matthews with a second device, Bishop then resigning after hostilities seemed over. Jamie assured The Doctor that Matthews had wanted to die, but The Doctor revealed that Matthews’ death wasn’t his only concern. The Myloki had needed to alter the nature of this reality in order to interact with it, the Shiners and Taylor were prototypes, but Matthews was their greatest achievement, half-human and half-Myloki. Unfortunately, the Myloki put too much of themselves into Matthews, and his continued presence in this continuum meant that they could not completely withdraw from it, even though it proved painful to them. They had returned to Earth in order to find and remove him, and now, thanks to Bishop, that may have been impossible… At least, until Matthews’ body rebuilt itself from the dust itself.

With no otheroption, Bishop was finally prepared to accept The Doctor’s theory that they needed to take Matthews back to the Myloki, if they didn’t, the Myloki would turn Earth into their kind of reality so they could tolerate its existence. Bishop, Matthews and the Doctor entered the Myloki energy grid, where they encountered a dimensional bridge that Matthews perceived as Westminster Cathedral from his childhood memories. The Doctor explained his theory that the Myloki were literally the opposite of humanity, they embodied everything that humanity couldn’t comprehend about the Universe, and vice versa. The two realities could never truly interact, but neither can exist without the other… and Matthews was the only being who could see and handle both. As Bishop vanished, The Doctor told Matthews that he envied him, after all, who wouldn’t want to know themselves completely? However, as Matthews entered the bridge, he reminded The Doctor that Jamie and Zoe still needed him, and they were worth more than any of this. As SKYHOME began to descend towards the Pacific, the Myloki energy grid vanished, and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe returned to the TARDIS, their friendship, having been pushed to its limits, now stronger than ever.

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