The Mentor



The Mentor



First Seen:

Dalek War: Chapter One


Dalek War: Chapter Two
Dalek War: Chapter Three

Dalek War: Chapter Four

Main Voice Actor:

Hannah Smith


The Mentor was the creator and leader of the Daleks in a parallel universe.

Described as an angelic being, she was encased in a glowing, golden throne. Her embedded implants resembled delicate jewels. She spoke with a s oft, echoing voice. The Mentor’s Daleks were created to serve as guardians of peace and order in their universe.

Like Davros or The Dalek Emperor in the primary universe, she was the commander-in-chief of the Alliance daleks (as they came to be known) and the centre of the computer network. She was psychic and only another psychic being (such as Kalendorf) could block her probes.

Although she was more inclined to work with aliens than The Daleks from the primary universe, she was as dogmatic and driven as they were. Over time, Kalendorf, Alby Brook and Mirana began to develop doubts about the Mentor and the Alliance Daleks. Reports suggested that they enforced peace and order with the same ruthlessness with which The Daleks from the primary universe subjugate and conquer. Several planets which refused to provide troops to the war effort were reduced to a medieval level of technology, having had their industrial infrastructure destroyed. In a more extreme example, Emeron, which had been embroiled in a nuclear war by the time that the Dalek War began, was reduced to a Stone Age level. These worlds came to be known as the Punished Planets. The actions of the Alliance daleks led Kalendorf to conclude that they had merely swapped one dictatorship for another, outwardly more benign one. (Dalek War: Chapter One)

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