The Maker



The Maker

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The Space Age


Maker’s Wish: After Dark – Slalvok
Maker’s Wish: Ticket To Ride


The Makers were a race that existed in multiple dimensions and could manipulate the fabric of time and space.


The Makers constituted a group mind and therefore had no concept of individuality. The Makers were small, purple-grey humanoids roughly the size of a human baby but with extremely large heads. They had sideways opening eyes, no ears and no nose. Their hands had three short fingers and a thumb, and they had a long thin tail. The Makers communicated by telepathy or empathy. (The Space Age)


A Maker crash landed on Earth in 1965, and was rescued by Sandra McBride and Alec Redshaw before it could remake its ship. Able to witness their desires for the future and the realities they would face, it attempted to ‘thank’ Sandra and Rick for their help by transporting a group of mods, a group of rockers, and a few random civilians present during the rumble, to a small planetoid in 2993, creating a futuristic city based on a 1960s perception of the future, which synthesised their food, water and oxygen, for them to live in. The humans initially believed that they had been brought to a future where humanity had been destroyed to rebuild civilisation, but the two groups turned against each otherout a lack of anything else to do with themselves in this world.

When the Maker came to the city, it was captured by Rick McBride, the current leader of the mods, who forced it to create weapons for him. The hive mentality of the Makers leaving them ignorant of the concept of individuality, it began to unmake the city in retaliation for Rick’s actions against it. When Compassion arrived on the planet, the Eighth Doctor and Fitz Kreiner were eventually able to force both parties to the negotiation table while Compassion was able to explain to the Maker what it had done to the humans. As a result, some humans were sent back to 1965 with their memories of their time in the city erased, while others were sent to Earth in 3012 with the necessary legal documentation to create a new life for themselves. (The Space Age)

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