The Lamprey


The Lamprey, AKA Monica Lamprey (Other Lampreys were Sir Bertrand Lamprey and his half-human daughter Helen Lamprey)

Place of Origin:

Time Vortex

Notable Individuals:

Monica, Helen, Bertrand


Spiral Scratch

The Lampreys are rather like the Chronovores in that they exist outside of reality itself, capable of being in multiple locations while feeding off chronon energy – the temporal energy generated by living beings as they exist. The Lampreys literally devour Time, liking nothing more than to find and completely extinguish an entire multiverse of realities just to feed. However, in order to actually enter a reality, they need to find a focus, unique mental waves of a time-sensitive individual, in order to home in on them and break through into their universe. Their exact origins are unclear, based on some sources, it would appear that the Lamprets were originally an entire species, but they apparently destroyed each other, leaving only three Lampreys – one adult male (Or as close to one as you can get when taking into account that we’re discussing a pan-dimensional being) and two children, a boy and a girl. The children escaped into the thirteenth century, where they became known as Julien and Dominique, but they were eventually driven away by fearful villagers who thought they were children of the devil, the boy being killed as his sister escaped… and, unfortunately, his sister was the violent one of the two, her angry tendencies only kept calm by her brother, and without him, she became far more vicious…

Eventually changing her name to Monica Lamprey, ‘Dominique’ began to search the world for a means to return to the Time Vortex, eventually finding this in the form of a 1950s Austrian chemist called Joseph Tungard, who was forced to flee to Britain when the Communists began to round up people who had helped the Nazis during the occupation (Regardless of whether or not they had wanted to help the Nazis in the first place). When Tungard’s wife, Natjya, was confined to a wheelchair, Monica began an affair with Tungard to get access to his research, all the while keeping Natjya alive with her time- mutation powers so that Joseph would still want to continue his work. At the same time, the adult Lamprey, now going by the alias of Sir Bertrand, had forgotten all about his mission to find Monica after he entered Time to find her and fell in love with a beautiful young woman called Elspeth – they even had a daughter, Helen Lamprey. Over time, Bertrand had put his memories of his time as a Lamprey aside, even after Elspeth perished in a tragic fire… because he’d found love.

Monica eventually attracted The Doctor’s attention when the Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush visited The Doctor’s old Time Lord friend Professor Rummas on the library at Carsus – a library where Time flowed in a completely linear direction, thus allowing books and information to be archived in a manner that would stop anyone getting something they shouldn’t. Rummas had recently been rather… surprised, to put it mildly… At the recent discoveries in his office of ghostly images of his and the Doctor’s dead bodies, The Doctor apparently strangled to death while Rummas had a knitting needle lodged in the front lobe of his brain. while The Doctor and Mel investigated recent historical distortions (Including Helen Lamprey vanishing at her sixteenth birthday party), alternate versions of the two of them began their own investigations. The two most prominent of these alternates was a darkly-garbed Doctor with a scar over his left eye from an Earth where Rome never fell (America was still uncivilised and slavery was widely accepted, this timeline’s Mel – known as Melina – being one of many such ‘slaves’) and an identically-dressed Doctor from an Earth where it appears that humans and Silurians were able to live in peace (In that reality, Mel was a human/Silurian hybrid named Melanie Baal). While Monica tracked down time-sensitives from alternate timelines, The Doctor and Melanie were able to rescue one from the planet Janus 8 – a young girl called Kala – getting her away from the Lamprey after it appeared before them, and allowing this Doctor to warn his alternate selves what was going on – a rather easy task, given that Time was becoming so unstable that images from alternate universes were seeping into each other.

Eventually, the three Doctors (Along with their respective Mels) rendezvoused in the library, and, linking minds, realised what was going on… including the fact that the Lamprey had only been unleashed on the universe when Rummas, using a device he’d acquired when he left Gallifrey, had tapped into the time spiral where the Lamprey dwelled in an attempt to study it, thus giving the Lamprey access to the linear universe despite their best efforts (Rummas and his colleagues didn’t recall doing anything to try and stop Monica, but The Doctor was prepared to bet that this was merely because, every time they came close to succeeding, Monica had just nipped back in time and stopped them even coming up with the plan in the first place). Monica, using the elements discovered by Tungard, intended to completely destroy the Spiral and subsequently take control of the library, from where she could contain all the existing alternate timelines to provide a food source by using the library as a lodestone to anchor herself to reality – and, of course, if she ever began to run out of food, she could simply go back in time and change things in some realities to create more for her to feed on. To achieve this, she had hypnotised Tungard and used him to kill off alternate versions of Rummas, thus draining the library of its protective chronon energy enough for Monica to penetrate it, and thus store realities in the library’s centre.

With no other way to save creation, The Doctors used Helen Lamprey (Sir Bertrand having been lost when Monica trapped him in a device that was meant to contain her) to lure Monica to the library, and then destroy her by overloading her with the only chronon energy left that there was a sufficient amount of, their own. As Mel and Rummas watched (Mel’s alternate selves having been killed), The Doctors channelled all their chronon energy into Monica, even as countless alternate Doctors fell as their energy was drained, the accumulated temporal energy binding the Lamprey to that specific point in time and space. With Doctors running out, the Prime Doctor – The Doctor we know – reached up and grabbed the Lamprey, the reaction to that action being described below,

“How! How can you touch me! I’m intangible. I’m across all time and space. I am everywhere at once.”
“No”, The Doctor said, pained, exhausted, and just a little angrily.”You are trapped here. By me. One solitary individual against your omnipotence. And I will beat you.”
“Because I am… The Doctor!”

With that, The Doctor leapt at the Lamprey, holding her down long enough for the other Doctors to focus their attack on her, annihilating their taint from creation with a last burst of chronon energy… although, sadly, Helen died as well. As the other surviving Doctors left, Mel took her Doctor back to the TARDIS, which The Doctor put in hover mode to look at the cosmos one last time, as he told Mel that he had been honoured to have her at his side in this final battle. Mel watched, unable to do anything, as The Doctor collapsed to the floor, the drain on his chronon energy having been too much for him – and, as a tractor beam dragged them down to Lakertya, where The Rani and her diabolical plan to create a time manipulator awaited them, Mel could only lie, disorientated and nearing unconsciousness, as The Doctor regenerated into his seventh incarnation…

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