The Keys of Marinus


The Keys of Marinus


Pages 128
ISBN 0-426-20125-6
Publication Date 21 August 1980


MARINUS a remote force-shielded island set in a sea of acid, governed by THE CONSCIENCE the ultimate computer which rules and balances the gentle life of Marinus, guarded by ARBITAN THE KEEPER ruthless protector of a peace-loving race threatened by YARTEK Warlord of the brutal sub-human Voords, sworn enemy of Arbitan and of Marinus, who has within his grasp
THE KEYS OF MARINUS the Conscience’s vital micro-circuits, the doors of good and evil.

Can The Doctor find the hidden circuits in time? Arbitan’s command was ‘Find them, OR DIE!’



  • The Sea of Death
  • The Marble City
  • The Velvet Web
  • The Brains of Morphoton
  • The Screaming Jungle
  • The Whispering Darkness
  • The Snows of Terror
  • The Demons
  • Sentenced!
  • The Mystery of the Locked Room
  • The Missing Key
  • Arbitan’s Revenge
  • Final Goodbyes


    • The Voord are identified as a frog-like subspecies with bullet-shaped heads, lacking their distinctive helmets.
    • The warrior who initially follows Susan around the outside of the City is a “Class 1 Voord Assault Trooper” that has been programmed to kill enemies on sight, indicating that it is partly mechanical or robotic in nature.
    • Yartek is said to have developed a technological immuniser that he distributed amongst his followers rather than the unexplained resistance to the Conscience’s pacifying influence of the televised version.
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