The Judas Gift

The Judas Gift

The Judas Gift

Regular Cast

Lisa Bowerman (Bernice Summerfield), Miles Richardson (Irving Braxiatel), Sophie Louise Dann (Maggie), Nigel Pegram (Rogers), Diane Fletcher (Chanticleer)


The Braxiatel Collection. Once it was a home, a haven, one of the 800 Wonders of the Universe. Not any more.

Draconia and the Mim are at war and the Collectionis caught in the crossfire. Its future hangs in the balance as Bernice tries to fathom the motives of a new Draconian ambassador.

Director Bev Tarrant must use every trick she knows if the Collectionis to survive. She’s been a smuggler, a killer and a thief, but all that’s behind her now. Isn’t it?

Beware your sins will find you out. Especially when you accept the Judas Gift.

they’ll just have to do something impossible…

Written by: Nick Wallace

Directed by: Edward Salt


  • The Judas Gift was the thirty-sixth Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions. It was the first story of the eighth season.
  • The Draconians first appeared in Frontier in Space.

    Written by:

    Nick Wallace


    Edward Salt

    Sound Design:

    Matthew Cochrane


    David Darlington and Matthew Cochrane

    Cover Art:

    Adrian Salmon

    Number of Discs:



    73′ 54″

    Physical Retail ISBN:


    Production Code:


    Recorded Dates:

    4 February 2007


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