The Good Master

The Good Master

The Good Master

Regular Cast

Derek Jacobi (The Master), Jonny Green (Cole Jarnish), Hannah Barker (Phila), Rachel Atkins (Major Desra), Nicholas Briggs (the Daleks). Other parts played by members of the cast


The Time War rages around Arcking – a planet serving as a sanctuary for the sick and injured. But Arcking is protected by a mysterious, powerful force: a force The Master will stop at nothing to harness… even if time itself is against him.


The Good Master was the second story in the audio anthology Only the Good, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Janine H Jones and featured Derek Jacobi as The Master.
The Master returns to his old alias “Keller”. (The Mind of Evil)
Arcking is protected by a planetary sized state of temporal grace. (The Hand of Fear)
The Master knows that he was brought back to fight on behalf of the Time Lords. (The Sound of Drums)
The Master tells Cole that going back and changing things is what started the Time War in the first place. (Genesis of the Daleks)


“Derek Jacobi brings an increditsible weight and nuance to the role that hearkens back to Roger Delgado’s original” – DoctorWho Reviews

“10/10 – Excellent writing, expert casting, amazing sound work (that theme tune!) and a fantastic direction by Scott Handcock.” – Blogtor Who

“This is the Big Finish release of the year, bar none.” – Massmovement

“The War Master is Big Finish doing what they do best. Well crafted stories superbly acted from a world we only glimpsed on . Simply wonderful.” Tin Dog

“A series of evil and consequence, an engaging take on the Time War, where virtually everything is on the line and you can’t even trust the main protagonist. It’s entertaining, deadly and unpredictable” The Host Productions

“It seems like Big Finish have created a real gem in the Whoniverse in this War Master box set. (on the Sky Man) It’s fun, sinister, murderous and insane. Much like The Master.” – Gallifrey Archive

“The phrase tour de force gets used a lot in relation to acting performances but Sir Derek Jacobi proved why he earned his knighthood” – SciFi Pulse

“… never lacks for pace, getting your heart racing… You’ll be waving flags and placards demanding more from the War Master…” Mass Movement

“The performance is everything we could have hoped for and more.” – Cultbox
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