The Fight of the Sun God

The Fight of the Sun GodThe Fight of the Sun God


Nicola Bryant reads a brand new story featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri, set in the far future. The TARDIS lands aboard the Sun God, a vast spaceship carrying executives from a powerful 35th Century energy company. Peri is menaced by deadly cat-like robots, whilst The Doctor discovers that Spalding Revere, the company’s founder, has set the ship on course for the heart of a sun. Spalding’s last wish is to take his acolytes with him to the afterlife, and unless The Doctor can intervene he and Peri will be going with them.

Tensions and in-fighting grow among the staff. Peri meets Brian, whose half-man/half-insect body has a terrible significance to Spalding’s plan. As the Sun God continues on its final mission, time is running out for them all… Nicola Bryant, who played Peri in the series, reads this original adventure by Nev Fountain, featuring the Sixth Doctor as played on by Colin Baker.

Reading produced by: Neil Gardner
Sound design by: David Darlington
Project Editor: John Ainsworth
Executive Producer: Michael Stevens

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