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Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy), Arthur Darvil (Rory), Ralf Little (Guy Fawkes), Emilia Fox (Winters), Dan Starkey (Kaarsh), Jamie Oram (Charlie), Alexander Vlahos (Robert Catesby), David Ames (Thomas Percy), Miles Richardson (Black Rod), Chris Johnson (Barnaby), Lizzie Hopley (Alice Flowers), Phil Daniels (Geoffrey Plum), Amelda Brown (Margaret), Barnaby Edwards (The Silence)


Written by Phil Ford
Directed by Gary Russell, Charles Cecil
Produced by Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger, Beth Willis, Anwen Aspden, Charles Cecil, Richard Jenkins, Mat Fidell


Rogue time corridors are opening all over London, connecting Elizabethan, Victorian, modern day and future London. It’s up to The Doctor and River Song to investigate and close these corridors – a process not made easy by the sudden appearance of Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians and the Silence throughout history!


Onboard the TARDIS, The Doctor struggles to navigate a temporal maelstrom. He lands on Earth. However, the TARDIS appears in a bad way. The instruments confirm the time storm covers the planet. The Doctor exits to find himself in the Bank of England in the modern day. When the TARDIS vanishes in a flash of light, he is trapped. On the advice of a psychic paper message from his future self he uses gold bars to smash through a grate into the Victorian-era vaults under the bank. He finds a perception filter he recognises as his own work. He disables it, revealing a sewer entrance. However, the passage below is blocked by a gate requiring someone on each side to open.

At the Stormcage Containment Facility in 5145, River Song gets a phone call. The Doctor needs her help! She escapes from the Facility. Once clear of its Tesla binding field, she uses her vortex manipulator to travel to modern day Earth, where she frees the stranded Doctor. They go through the old tunnels, trying to reach the surface.

They soon find Cyberman storage units which begin releasing their occupants. The Doctor and River flee through the tunnels to reach a Bank of England lift that lets them enter the tunnels of the London Underground. The Cybermen pursue them, but the pair seal them off behind a set of large doors.

In an area devastated by a gas explosion, The Doctor and River find an encampment of humans, refugees from the Cybermen who are converting people en masse. Before the pair can reach the surface, the Cybermen find a way into the area through more train tunnels. River and the Doctor electrify the rails, blocking their access.

Ascending to the surface, River and the Doctor find the streets empty. A dormant time corridor, caused by the raging time storm, is near. With the construction site blocked by road collapse from the gas explosion, they go into an adjacent office building. They find another time corridor, which The Doctor identifies as leading to 1892. They find a heavily guarded Cyberfactory ship on the other side of the office and the Doctor formulates a plan – he will travel through the time corridor, which has activated and alter the plans for the gas pipes in the past so the explosion takes place elsewhere. With the road traversible, they can enter the building site, use its crane to get on top of the office and drop into the unguarded Cyberfactory.

The Doctor travels through the corridor with River’s vortex manipulator and comes out in a textile mill. He makes his way outside and then underground. A mysterious figure dashes over the rooftops. Beneath the streets, he finds the under-construction pipes, alters the plans and returns through another time corridor to the present.

Meanwhile, in the present, the Cybermen have entered the office block to investigate the energy from the corridor’s use. Their forcible entry activates the building’s security measures, trapping River inside. She tricks the Cyberman patrols into breaking open the office’s security booth. She deactivates the barriers, allowing her to go out. She and the Doctor rendezvous and ascend theconstruction site, using a girder held by the crane to cross onto the office’s roof.

With the Cybermen still inside, The Doctor and River return to the street in a window-cleaning cradle and break into the Cyberfactory, intending to disable the Cyber-Planner inside. They follow the Planner’s command signal towards the centre of the ship, but are forced to flee as squadrons of Cybermen are revived to pursue them. They eventually reach the ship’s thermeditionic core, where the Cyber-Planner is located. River notices a mysterious object suspended near the Planner, which The Doctor identifies as having a huge temporal signature and broadcasting time distortion beam. He and River split up to reach control panels at the top and bottom of the core and use them to overload the thermeditionic power source to destroy the Cyberfactory. They escape through a newly opened time corridor, taking the strange artefact with them.

After navigating through the corridor, they find themselves in the TARDIS. The Doctor connects the artefact to the console and finds it is responsible for generating the time corridors. The object is just one of four trying to speak with each other across time.

they leave the TARDIS near London Bridge in 1561, but the time corridor through which the ship appears immediately disappears. To leave they lower a drawbridge to access two other time corridors. Although they enter separate corridors, both arrive again in the TARDIS.

The Doctor realises the ship has moved to the heart of the time storm to stabilise itself. The corridors lead to the TARDIS because they are being pulled in by the maelstrom. The ship also detects a signal hidden in the time storm. The Doctor decides to investigate it. They exit the TARDIS into 1561 again, but soon notice that tally marks are appearing on the walls around them.

In London in 1892, a Silurian warrior stands over the body of a policeman. The Doctor awakens, confused. He finds the sonic screwdriver and psychic paper gone, River’s blaster and hallucinogenic lipstick in their place. He notices strange pipes carrying a green liquid on a nearby building. A 16th century statue hides the psychic paper, showing a message from River: the Silence have separated them across time and the Doctor must follow these messages to find her.

In the building with the odd pipe The Doctor finds more pipes guarded by Silurian warriors. He also spots the sonic screwdriver on a statue salvaged from an old church, but the way to it is blocked by hot steam. He leaves the building and goes into the sewers beneath the streets. They are riddled with the Silurian piping. Evading guards, he finds controls to shut off the steam and returns to collect the screwdriver.

On the advice of another psychic paper message, The Doctor heads back into the sewers. He uses the sonic screwdriver to access the same vault system he passed through beneath the modern day Bank of England, where he finds a perception filter hiding a doorway. Deactivating it, he reveals an old crypt, where River lies in a stasis field.

In 1561, River wakes to find her equipment gone and the Doctor’s psychic paper in their place. A message on the paper from her future self tells her the Silence have separated The Doctor and her through time. She soon comes across a doorway, but the corridor it leads to seems too big compared to the building’s exterior. River deactivates a perception filter, revealing a doorway which she recognises as leading to a Silence facility. Unable to get through, she leaves to find the sonic screwdriver in the nearby St. Christopher’s Church.

River uses the sonic to open the door into the Silence complex. Inside she finds them controlling temporal energy somehow and carrying out experiments on stasis field technology. She realises they are drawing the power they need from elsewhere, along conduits leading towards St Paul’s Cathedral. She makes her way through the facility and steals the stasis field generator they are using. Now done with The Doctor’s things, River hides the psychic paper and screwdriver on statues, then enters the church crypt. Disguising the tomb entrance with the perception filter from the Silence base, River activates the stasis field generator, allowing her to wait out the centuries in stasis until The Doctor finds her.

In 1892, The Doctor deactivates the stasis field generator, waking River. He sets up the perception filter where he found it in the modern day and they return to the sewers. They work together to access an area sealed with a Silurian door, allowing them to reach transport discs that lead underground. The Doctor grows concerned that time is wrong – the Silurians never attacked the surface world in the 19th century. In the underground Silurian city, the purpose of the pipes becomes clear – they are pumping deadly toxin into the city above and the entire system is being powered by an artefact similar to the one that the Cybermen had. The leader of the Silurian city, Vekkis, confronts them, and the Doctor forms a plan: he will reactivate walkways from the cavern’s central column, allowing River to manually divert coolant, rather than toxin, into the pipes to the surface. Working together, they eventually flush all the toxin, then flee through a new time corridor, taking the artefact with them.

After navigating through the corridor, they arrive back in the TARDIS, where The Doctor adds the new artefact to the other one. As the object begins ticking like a clock, River has a brainstorm, it is an Eternity Clock. There are notes in her diary which she has no memory of ever making on one. The Doctor begins to understand the Clock can rewrite history. The notes in the diary are ‘residue’ from an encounter erased from River’s timeline. In addition, the Clock seems to be cataloguing all of time, ordering and recording events like a ‘hard drive’.

The Doctor and River next travel to 2106, where the New Dalek Paradigm has invaded and destroyed London. The Doctor realises the Daleks have put most of London in a time lock, rendering it unreachable. River states that, back in 1561, the Silence had a laboratory that could contain a time capsule. Taking turns with the vortex manipulator, The Doctor and River travel back to 1561 and infiltrate the Silence stronghold located in the church. They find the time capsule, which is disguised as the church steeple. The Doctor begins to hotwire the alien tech, however, the Silence arrive and try to fight them, forcing River to kill them to keep them off The Doctor. Once the time capsule is hacked, a third piece of the Eternity Clock is obtained, and the time capsule flies off into the time vortex.

The capsule crashes in the centre of the Dalek stronghold, which is the same office building the Cybermen invaded in 2012. They sneak past the Daleks and into the Dalek Command Node. A ten-minute timer begins – The Doctor and River have to make their way to the flag ship before the alarm goes off. The Doctor, piece by piece, deactivates the controls to the time lock, then activates the Dalek transmat which sends them up to the Dalek Flagship.

Within the flagship, The Doctor realises that the Daleks are using the Eternity Clock to make the time lock bigger, pushing it out until the entire planet is locked and under control of the Dalek Empire, once they perfect the technology to time lock entire planets, they would be unstoppable. The Doctor and River take an elevator through the ship, past the Dalek armies, to the chamber of the Dalek Emperor, who states that The Doctor’s time is over and the Daleks are “the new lords of time”. The Doctor and River formulate a plan, River will blast the Emperor Dalek’s eyestalk, stunning it and keeping it from attacking, while The Doctor reverses the polarity of the Dalek Matrix, which deactivates the time lock once and for all, and releases the final piece of the Eternity Clock from its force field. Once The Doctor has the piece in his hands, a new time corridor opens up, taking The Doctor and River back to the TARDIS, and wiping the alien invasions which were not supposed to happen from history.

Back in the TARDIS, the clock reassembles itself, and the time storm stops. However, The Doctor’s equipment picks up a temporal signal – one that the interference from the fragmented Eternity Clock was drowning out, and one that the clock is now trying to track down. River realises that the Eternity Clock and the TARDIS are synching together, and that when they do, the TARDIS will travel to find that point in time. They barely have time to state this before the TARDIS takes off on its own, unable to stop it, The Doctor and River cling to the controls and yell”GERONIMO!”.”


  • While avoiding Daleks in the ruins of future London, there is a wrecked double decker bus with signs indicating it is the 200 running service to London Victoria station. (Planet of the Dead)
  • Amy Pond is referenced in River’s diary: River Song believes Amy bought the clothes left for her after River left the Sisters of the Infinite Schism, as there were “too many short skirts”. (Let’s Kill Hitler)
  • The Doctor mentions Bitey when seeing the Cybermats. This places this story after Closing Time and also the story that directly followed that one, The Wedding of River Song. The Daleks still know who The Doctor is, setting this before Asylum of the Daleks. River is still imprisoned for killing The Doctor, placing this before The Angels Take Manhattan from her point of view.
  • In the pages of River Song’s diary the player collects, there is an entry entitled”An Unearthly Mess”, which apparently occurs before the events of An Unearthly Child. In it, River recalls the First Doctor catching her snooping around I.M. Foreman’s junk yard, when she heard a young woman calling for her grandfather, she took off. Her comment was, “That’s a conversation I’m not yet ready for!”
    As soon as The Doctor and River penetrate the Silurian base, the first thing The Doctor remarks is, “Oh, look! Rocks!” This reference the same sarcastic commentthe Fourth Doctor said in Destiny of the Daleks.
    River’s diary describes the first nineincarnations of the Doctor, not counting the War Doctor. She has apparently travelled back in time and spied on them, she will not meet the Tenth Doctor until Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, and she owns a photo of the War Doctor by the time of the Husbands of River Song.
  • River uses her hallucinogenic lipstick, first seen in The Time of Angels, the sonic blaster, left in the TARDIS by Jack Harkness in The Doctor Dances, River had it in Silence in the Library , and her vortex manipulator, which she obtained in The Pandorica Opens.
  • When The Doctor and River encounter an army of Cybermen, The Doctor yells to River, “Basically, run!” This is the same line that the Eleventh Doctor first used in The Eleventh Hour when he was threatening the Atraxi about leaving Earth. Here, however, the situation is reversed. Instead of a threat, he’s warning River that they need to get away.
  • There are several hats that can be collected:
    The first hat is a fez. When the hat is clicked, The Doctor says, “Don’t worry, I won’t let the bad lady near you, ” referencing the way Amy Pond and River Song treated his fez in The Big Bang.
    One of the hats is the helmet that the crew of the S.S. Pentallian wore when possessed by Torajii. When the hat is clicked on, the Eleventh Doctor jokes, “Burn with me! Burn with me!” (42)
    One of the hats is Captain Jack Harkness’s uniform cap, The Doctor did say it looked better on Captain Jack. (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances).
    One of the hats is a Santa Claus cap, when the hat is clicked, The Doctor says, “And a Happy Christmas to all of you at home!”, the fourth-wall-breaking line from”The Feast of Steven”.
    One of the hats is the First Doctor’s cap, The Doctor says it’s very itchy -“no wonder I was in a bad mood back then.” (An Unearthly Child)
    One of the hats is the Second Doctor’s stovepipe hat. (The Power of the Daleks)
    One of the hats isthe Third Doctor’s velvet-lined Tyrolean, The Doctor says that it’s”swish, slick and stylish – that’s Me Number Three all over!” (Spearhead from Space)
    One of the hats isthe Fourth Doctor’s red, wide-brimmed Fedora, The Doctor states he was “resplendent in red” back then. (The Leisure Hive) His brown fedora is also collectible. He refers to it as a”can’t be beat classic.” (Robot)
    One of the hats isthe Fifth Doctor’s Panama. The Doctor says it still smells like Spectrox antitoxin from The Caves of Androzani.
    One of the hats isthe Seventh Doctor’s Panama with the paisley band, The Doctor muses on how Scottish it is. (Time and the Rani)
    One of the hats is a Scottish tam. Of it, The Doctor says”if only Nessie could see me now.” (Terror of the Zygons)
    One of the hats is a straw hat, which The Doctor says was worn well by Vincent. (Vincent and the Doctor)
    One of the hats is the helmet worn by River and the rest of the expedition led by Strackman Lux, The Doctor says it would come in handy if he had more than one shadow. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead)
    One of the hats is the hat worn by The Valeyard, The Doctor does not seem to like it much, saying”Can’t believe I ever liked this one. Or that I will like it. Or that I might like it… It’s complicated.” (The Trial of a Time Lord)
    One hat is a pith helmet which The Doctor claims would come in handy should he ever visit Chloris again. (The Creature from the Pit)
    One of the hats is a NASA astronaut’s helmet. (The Impossible Astronaut)
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