The End of the Beginning

The End of the Beginning
The End of the Beginning

Regular Cast

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Colin Baker (The Doctor), Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Paul McGann (The Doctor), Youssef Kerkour (Ibrahim), Kevin McNally (Vakrass), David Sch ofield (Gostak)


The Universe is in a state of crisis, facing destruction from the results of a strange spatio-temporal event. and the Doctor is involved in three different incarnations – each caught up in a deadly adventure, scattered across time and space. The whole of creation is threatened – and someone is hunting The Doctor.

The three incarnations of the Doctor must join together to confront their implacable pursuer – but in doing so will they unleash a still greater threat?


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Peter Davison and Colin Baker are set to return as the Fifth and Sixth Doctors once again in two new four-part audio dramas. The Blazing Hour and Colony of Fear will see The Doctor travel into the far future to face horrifically inhuman monsters, as well as terrifyingly giant insects.

Mark Strickson and Miranda Raison will also reprise their roles as The Doctors’ respective companions Turlough and Constance in each story, alongside guest stars Rakie Ayola as Violet Hardaker and Nicholas Asbury as Mollis.

Colony of Fear and the Blazing Hour will be two of the final stories in Big Finish‘s original Doctor Who: Monthly Adventure range, which is due to end in March 2021. Following this, revamped ranges, featuring a regular rotation of releases, with each Doctor starring in their own box sets of adventures throughout the year, is due to begin in January 2022.


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