The Devil of Winterborne


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The Devil of Winterborne


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Regular Cast

Caroline John (Liz Shaw), Louise Jameson (Patricia Haggard), Terry Molloy (DI Burke), Geoffrey Beevers (Rutherford/Wittaker), Peter Davison (Purcell), Charmian May (Mrs Taploe), Mark Gatiss (Georgie), Daniel Matthews (Christian), Reece Shearsmith (Andrew), Stephen Dolomore (Luke), Jonathan Rigby (Cummings).


Written by Mark Gatiss
Directed by Bill Baggs
Produced by Bill Baggs


When P.R.O.B.E. is summoned to investigate the savage murder of a retired headmaster, Liz Shaw is disturbed to find evidence of satanic rite near the scene of the crime.

She soon discovers a web of deceit and corruption that extends back in time, threatening the current occupants of nearby Winterborne school.

With P.R.O.B.E. under threat from within and the death toll mounting, Liz finds herself under increasing pressure from all sides to produce results…

The Devil of Winterborne is at large and only Liz can stop it!


In 1975, the British Government quietly closed down a secret evolutionary project codenamed BEAGLE, ordering the destruction of all research materials.

Today, the horrific discovery of several oddly mutated bodies alerts Liz Shaw and P.R.O.B.E. to the fact that something is stalking the original site of project BEAGLE – something which may challenge the very nature of humanity itself!

With a crack security team at her disposal, Liz desperately attempts to track down the perverted results of the project.

But who or what is hunting whom?


  • A number of new characters were played by actors who previously had roles in Doctor Who: Peter Davison played the Fifth Doctor, Terry Molloy played Davros from Resurrection of the Daleks to Remembrance of the Daleks and Geoffrey Beevers played The Master in The Keeper of Traken.
  • Liz is referred to as “Dr Shaw” by D.I. Burke. This is the first time that she is called this onscreen, being known as “Miss Shaw” on Doctor Who and in The Zero Imperative.
  • Ghosts of Winterborne is a sequel to this story, reintroducing the characters of Gavin Purcell (Peter Davison) and Andrew Powell (Reece Shearsmith) set in the months after these events. The themes of reincarnation and immortality from this story are elaborated on, and clips from this film are used as flashbacks.
  • This story is notable for introducing Doctor Who’s first same-sex relationship on screen, predating the new series. A physical relationship between Luke and Christian is heavily implied and the two are seen sharing a romantic kiss.
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