The Body Electric



The Body Electric


The Twelfth Doctor



Main enemy:


Main setting:

Quartz Wastes, Asmoray


Titan Comics


George Mann


Mariano Laclaustra


Luis Guerrero



Printed In:

Free Comic Book Day 2015

Release Date:

2 May 2015

Cover Date:

June 2015

Traded in:





The Body Electric was a comic story published in Free Comic Book Day 2015.


The Doctor and Clara have an electrifying alien adventure on a planet made of quartz!


Clara, while being attacked by the electricity, questions what sort of a companion she is. Meanwhile, two hours earlier the TARDIS materialises on Asmoray, a planet made of quartz. The Doctor and Clara emerge from the TARDIS and admire the landscape. While The Doctor is examining the quartz, Clara notices a large building.
Suddenly The Doctor and Clara are swept up by two mysterious men. The men explain that if The Doctor and Clara stay outside too long they will be killed. When The Doctor questions them the two men say that “the quartz is not to happy with them at the moment”.

When The Doctor and Clara arrive at the base, a worker is found dead on the floor, smoking. When The Doctor examines him, the workers are worried what they will do. Luther, the shift manager explains they will just do nothing, like with the last three who died. The Doctor tells Luther that you can’t ignore the fact that lightning is coming out of nowhere. When Luther asks for The Doctor’s name, he exclaims his name is The Doctor and holds up his psychic paper.

The Doctor and Clara walk into the hall and see an electric entity. The Doctor slowly approaches it, but the entity jumps into the circuit on the wall. When The Doctor questions what they want, Clara answers that they want their electricity back from the quartz. The Doctor explains that they are being caught in the storage batteries, and went to make it right.Then, we see Clara at the start of the story again questioning what sort of a companion she is, while being attacked by the electric entity. She runs for the switch that turns of the electricity. Lutheropposes this decision and exclaim that it will let them all out. She pulls the lever and the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to blow up the base. Clara says that “I’m Clara Oswald, the one and only that’s the sort of companion I am”. The TARDIS dematerialises, leaving the base behind.


The Twelfth Doctor
Clara Oswald


Clara wears her red and black plaid skirt, lace collared white top, and black sweateroutfit. (The Time of the Doctor, Deep Breath)
Clara ponders what kind of companion she is, echoing the Twelfth Doctor’s question about what kind of man he was shortly after he regenerated. (Into The Dalek)
Asmoray was not the first crystal planet The Doctor encountered. In his tenth incarnation, The Doctor visited the diamond planet of Midnight. (Midnight)

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