The Monster of Peladon





Peladonian, Human

Place of Origin:



The Monster of Peladon

Main Actor:

Nina Thomas


Thalira was the daughterof King Peladon. She became Queen of Peladon when her father died.

Part human and part Peladonian, Thalira had the typical russet hair and white streak of a Pel. She inherited the throne on the death of her father. She was crowned because he had had no sons. At first she was considered to be ruler mostly in title. Thanks to encouraging words from Sarah Jane Smith, who helped her get over her insecurity as a woman in a male-dominated society, she began to assert herself and helped the Third Doctor defeat the plans of Eckersley and Azaxyr to take over Peladon for Galaxy 5. Eckersley took her hostage, but she was rescued by Aggedor. (The Monster of Peladon) Thalira died years later in a shuttle crash. (Legacy)

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