The Tenth Planet


The Tenth PlanetThe Tenth PlanetThe Tenth Planet


Pages 141
ISBN 0-426-11068-4
Publication Date 19 February 1976


The Sergeant blinked again. Three lights were moving towards him through the murk of the blizzard. Even as he looked, the lights changed into three tall, straight figures, clad in silver-armoured suits, advancing across the ice with a slow deliberate step.

Horror-struck, the Sergeant reached for his gun, and a stream of bullets sprayed across the marching figures.


The CYBERMEN have arrived. The first invasion of Earth by this invincible, fearless race-and the last thrilling adventure of the first DOCTOR WHO.



  • The Creation of the Cybermen
  1. The Space Tracking Station
  2. Disaster in Space
  3. The New Planet
  4. Mondas!
  5. The Cyberman Invasion
  6. Ben into Action
  7. Battle in the Projectedition Room
  8. Two Hundred and Fifty Spaceships
  9. Z-Bomb Alert!
  10. Prepare to Blast Off
  11. Cybermen in Control
  12. Resistance in the Radiation Room
  13. The Destruction of Mondas!


  • Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet takes place in 2000 rather than 1986.
  • The Doctor shows some more signs of being ill such as deliriously calling Ben and Polly, Ian and Barbara
  • The language in general is much stronger than in the televised version.
  • The fight sequence where the soldiers first meet the Cybermen outside the base contains a stronger description of the outcome of the battle.
  • An unknown Western seen in the original turns into a James Bond film starring Roger Moore.
  • at the end, rather than collapsing by the TARDIS console, First Doctor goes into a TARDIS room near the console and uses a machine (said to be used for ‘compressing sleep’) to become the Second Doctor.
  • The Second Doctor receives some lines.
  • Cutler attempts to shoot Ben on catching him sabotaging the Z-Bomb and is stopped by Barclay.
  • Ben and Polly are implied to come from the 1970s rather than the 1960s.
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