The Dalek Factor

The Dalek Factor

The Dalek Factor


When a Thal platoon arrive on a hostile planet investigating reports that Dalek artefacts have been detected, they are unprepared for what they find. In an underground room is a stranger, a Professor, or so he claims, with no memory of who he is or why he is there.

With death and horror theironly companions, the Thals make their way with the Professor into the heart of a crumbling Dalek citadel in search of answers… only to find that the Daleks are the least of the horrors they must face.


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The Dalek Emperor is referred to as “an Emperor”, suggesting that there is more than one.

The Doctor

The Doctor wears trousers and a white shirt.
It is implied that The Doctor first arrived on the planet with a companion, who was later shot by the Daleks.


‘Sweet life’ is a Thal oath.


The unnamed planet is located in the Quadrille.


Which particularincarnation of the Doctor is not specified in this novella.
All three editions of a History date this story to circa 3340, as Thal Search and Destroy missions have been underway for eight centuries, and Planet of the Daleks is set in 2540.
The Limited Deluxe Edition was autographed by Simon Clark, Christopher Fowler and Graham Humphreys. Only 800 copies of the Limited Deluxe Edition were produced.
The Dalek Factor cover illustration
Illusration by Graham Humphreys


The Emperor Dalek that appears on the (unnamed) planet matches the description of the Emperor from The Evil of the Daleks.
The Dalek Factor (could) take place between: Dalek War and Dalek Empire III.
Though this incarnation of the Doctor is not identified or fully described, the cluster hives’ mimicry of his first incarnation and his familiarity with Daleks Indicate that it certainly isn’t the First Doctor. His use of the title “Professor” suggests a buried memory of Ace, placing this as his seventh incarnation or later. Furthermore, this Doctor is suffering from amnesia, possibly implying it to be The Doctor as he continually suffered from amnesia.
Though written nine years before the character was created, the story could be considered an adventure early in the life of the War Doctor. While he inhabits traits of previous Doctors, this Doctor feels more amoral, quicker to action – killing the insect duplicates, and less compassionate than others.
The planet is a quarantine for Dalek experiments considered failures or too much of a threat to the Dalek race. The Daleks during the Time War will unleash unheard of weapons and Dalek mutations. The Sound of Drums, Only the Monstrous.
The Dalek Emperor is overseeing the implanting of a “Dalek heart” into different lifeforms in order to create a new, more powerful Dalek race so that only daleks remain. The Emperor would try to reconstitute The Dalek race by transforming human into Daleks In The Parting of the Ways.
Part of the Dalek experiment is to create sleeper agents whose outward appearance matches their home planet, but who have the mind of a Dalek. This appears to be an evolutionary middle step between Robomen and the Dalek puppet. Dalek puppet sleeper agents would appear in Asylum of the Daleks and the Time of the Doctor.

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