Attack of the Cybermen





Tremulus Three



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The Tomb of the Cybermen


Attack of the Cybermen
The Mazes of Time
The Doctor and the Dalek
Last of the Cybermen
Return to Telos
Doctor Who and the Tomb of the Cybermen
Attack of the Cybermen
Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman


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Telos was originally covered entirely in ice, and inhabited by the Cryons, humanoids who could survive only in the cold. As temperatures rose, the Cryons were forced underground, building giant refrigerated cities as shelter. When the Cybermen entered the Telos system, they took over the planet, using the cities as cryogenic facilities.

The Cybermen disappeared sometime in the 21st century, following defeats around human-occupied space. The rest of the galaxy presumed them to have died out, they retreated into hibernation in the tombs of Telos to await discovery and their reactivation.

Sometime around the 25th century, a team of archeologists, led by Professor Parry and financed by the Brotherhood of Logicians, embarked on an expedition to Telos, believing it to be the Cyberman homeworld and hoping to discover artefacts amongst its ruins. No Cryons were encountered during these events and it is not known what the Cryons were doing during the Cybermen’s long sleep.

Uncovering the entrance to the tombs, Eric Klieg of the Brotherhood brought the Cybermen out of hibernation in an attempt to ally the Brotherhood with them. However, the Cybermen were intent on converting all of the expedition and once more begin their expansion. The Second Doctor and his companions were on hand to help the survivors of the expedition escape the tombs and then reseal them.

However, this respite was short-lived, as by the 26th century the Cybermen had once again developed into a galactic threat. When the Sixth Doctor arrived on Telos inside the tombs, the Cyber Controller captured him and imprisoned him in a refigeration chamber. There, he met Flast, the leader of a Cryon rebellion against the Cybermen, who revealed the presence of stores of vastial in the chamber, an unstable mineral that became explosive at temperatures above 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a sonic lance, they ignited the vastial, destroying the Cyber Control. With the Cybermen destroyed, the Cryons regained Telos.

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