Telepathic contact

Telepathic contact was a Time Lord ability to form a telepathic link between multiple minds for high-speed conversations and decision-making. The ability was used by different incarnations of the Doctor (The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors) or two versions of the same incarnation from different points in time. (The Wrong Doctors) It was also possible between two different Time Lords (The Apocalypse Element, The End of Time) or three (Intervention Earth) as well as between a Time Lord and a human (Love and War) (The Lodger) enabling one to erase the memories of another. (Afterlife) Once contact was made, knowledge gained by one mind was immediately shared with the others. (The Light at the End) While this process had to be initiated by choice for more in-depth information, a casual mind-touch was considered a courtesy greeting on Gallifrey. Telepathic contact can also be used to switch bodies, a method used by two switched incarnations of the Master to return to their correct bodies. (The Two Masters)

The Eighth Doctor experienced full telepathic contact with his past seven selves when he went to visit them after The Master’s last trap left him with near-total amnesia, each meeting with his past selves seeing him regain all their memories up to the point where they met, starting to regain memories of their future by the time he met the Third Doctor (The Eight Doctors).

In a negated timeline, the Twelfth Doctor extablished a contact with Rassilon inside the Cyberiad to use the Eye of Harmony to restore the Universe altered by the Gallifreyan Cyber Fleet. (Supremacy of the Cybermen)

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