Survivors of the Flux

The Timeless Child






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The Division


Timeless Child


The Timeless Children

Main Actor:

Seylan Baxter

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Barbara Flynn


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Tecteun was a Shobogan and one of the first inhabitants of Gallifrey to explore other planets. She discovered the Timeless Child on one such planet, and adopted her as her own. She later brought the child back with her to Gallifrey.

When Tecteun discovered the child’s ability to regenerate, she injected herself with the genes which had been spliced from the child and immediately regenerated into a male incarnation. Tecteun later gave his people living in the Capitol this gene so that they would be able to regenerate. This was the foundation of an elite society, they came to be known as Time Lords.

At some point after the Timeless Child’s memories were redacted and the child became The Doctor, Tecteun hid the truth in the Matrix disguised in the story of Brendan, an immortal Irish policeman. The Master suggested that Tecteun hid the truth in this manner as an apology or gift for her child and a way for The Doctor to decode the truth if they so chose. (The Timeless Children)

Tecteun, under the name of Awsok, knew The Doctor and appeared to have vast knowledge and power. Unlike other individuals The Doctor encountered while traversing her time stream, bar perhaps the Fugitive Doctor, Awsok was aware of the Thirteenth Doctor’s presence and physical location on the planet Time.

Awsok considered the Ravagers, Swarm and Azure, to be “rare and useful creatures”; and informed The Doctor that they had been “reintroduced” as a “temporal poison”. She also knew of the Flux: that it wasn’t a natural event, but rather was made; “It was placed”.

Awsok informed The Doctor that she (The Doctor) was fighting a lost cause, that the universe was over, and that it was all The Doctor’s fault. With that, she advised The Doctor not to come looking for her and told her she could go. The Doctor reawoke in the Temple of Atropos. (Once, Upon Time)


The name “Awsok” was not used by any characters, neither in Once, Upon Time or Survivors of the Flux. Instead, the alias originated from the credited of Once, Upon Time, to conceal her true identity.
It is unclear as to whether “Awsok” is the third incarnation of Tecteun, or merely the third covered by the series.

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