The Two Doctors


The Two Doctors


Pages 159
ISBN 0-426-20201-5
Publication Date 5 December 1985


Disturbed by the time travel experiments of the evil Dastari and Chessene, the Time Lords send the Second Doctor and Jamie to investigate. Arriving on a station in deep space, they are attacked by a shock force of Sontarans and The Doctor is left for dead.

Across the gulfs of time and space, the Sixth Doctor discovers that his former incarnation is very much alive. Together with Peri and Jamie  he must rescue his other self before the plans of Dastari and Chessene reach their deadly and shocking conclusion…




  • Countdown to Death
  • Massacre on J7
  • Tomb in Space
  • Adios, Doña Arana
  • Creature of the Darkness
  • The Bell Tolls
  • The Doctor’s Dilemma
  • Company of Madmen
  • A Song for Supper
  • Shockeye the Donor
  • Ice Passage Ambush
  • Alas, Poor Oscar


  • A scant prologue featuring what is implied to be the Time Lords in yellow robes in a violet, misty garden where the flowers grow as tall as trees is recounted briefly by Jamie.
  • Much of the violence and gore has been exacerbated in the novelisation, featuring grisly details of the duty officer’s acidulous murder, the bullet-ridden corpses of massacred scientists, the sanguineous method in which Chessene reads the Dona Arana’s mind, the Sontarans‘ merciless deaths, etc.
  • A fire breaks out in the main computer room while the Sixth Doctor is focussing his mind for astral projection, forcing Peri and Jamie. to move him into the corridor as the flames consume the station.
  • The Sixth Doctor hesitates to combat Dastari, telling Jamie he was once a champion sampola wrestler.
  • Chessene’s use of coronic acid alarms Dastari as the Rutans are the weapon’s inventors. With it They decimated the Sontarans at Vollotha.
  • The reference to Victoria Waterfield studying graphology is excised, although Jamie remains aware of who the Time Lords are.
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