Tatiana Romanov



Tatiana Romanov




The Death of Empire


Tatiana Romanov was the second daughterof Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. She served as a nurse in World War I. In recorded history, when her family were sent for execution after the Russian Revolution of 1917, she was killed by Yacob Yurovsky with a single shot to the back of the head as she cowered against a wall. Erimem and her friends saved Tatiana from this fate, knowing that in the future she was meant to have a son. They replaced Tatiana and her DNA with another person. With no memory of her past, Tatiana became Tanya Kishkin, and was deposited in Lisbon with Oleg Kishkin. The two of them sailed to New York, where they lived for two years running an antiques shop. They later then moved to Boston where there was an antique market. In the 1920s they moved to San Francisco, thriving until the Great Depression. Oleg and Tanya gave birth to three children, including Alex Kishkin. Tanya died in 1993, three months after Oleg. (The Death of Empire)

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