Catherine Tate: Laugh it Up!

Catherine Tate: Laugh it Up!Catherine Tate: Laugh it Up!
Catherine Tate: Laugh it Up!


“Catherine Tate is far too talented and must be destroyed.”
Dawn French

Essentially she is a wonderful actor with a talent for comedy…”

The Independent

Love them or hate them, the controversial characters she created for television – from truculent teenager Lauren ‘am I bovvered?’ Cooper to foul-mouthed grandmother Nan Taylor – serve to showcase the extraordinary talent of Catherine Tate.

Her versatility, however, has taken her far beyond The Catherine Tate Show to roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company and to the far reaches of the universe with Dr Who.

From the argumentative teenager Lauren Cooper to the foul-mouthed Nan Taylor and the effete Derek Faye, Catherine Tate’s myriad roles on The Catherine Tate Show have made her a landmark in contemporary comedy. Her success is no flash in the pan, however, but instead a product of nearly two decades spent in show business. This insightful follows Catherine from herearly struggles with obsessive compulsive behavior through her initial television appearances. Her breakthrough starring alongside Dawn French in the comedy series Wild West is also covered, as is her recent success as the fiercely independent Donna Noble on Doctor Who, her little-known performances in the theater, and her private life with her husband and daughter. Drawing on interviews with many of those who have worked most closely with Catherine over the years, this is the complete portrait of this hilarious and hugely talented actress

This is her remarkable story…


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