Revelation of the Daleks





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Revelation of the Daleks

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Jenny Tomasin


Tasambeker was an employee of Tranquil Repose on the planet Necros. She was a third-year student of Jobel’s and worked under him.
Tasambeker harboured strong romantic feeling for Jobel, even though he only insulted and humiliated her. When Davros took over Tranquil Repose as “the Great Healer”, he turned it into a breeding ground for Daleks and used hidden cameras to watch the funeral home, observing Jobel and Tasambeker.

Davros eventually summoned Tasambeker and offered to have her work directly for him, and they used the cameras to see Jobel conspiring against Davros with Takis and Lilt. He wanted Tasambeker to serve him with her total being and he would allow her to become a Dalek: it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. To show him her total obedience, she had to kill Jobel, a task that she was deeply conflicted about.

Motivated by her feelings, Tasambeker confronted Jobel and offered to help him escape Tranquil Repose, claiming that Davros lied and that he didn’t care about Tranquil Repose.

The Doctor and Peri are met by Mr. Jobel and his subservient assistant Tasambeker. The Doctor sends Peri off with Jobel to meet the DJ while he digs into the situation. Orcini destroys a Dalek and Davros is notified. He is convinced Kara has sent assassins, so he deploys daleks to bring her to him. Meanwhile, Tasambeker, who has been coerced by Davros to spy on Jobel, attempts to warn the Chief Embalmerout of misplaced love for him. When Jobel spurns heroffer, Tasambeker fatally stabs him with a syringe. She is then exterminated by daleks.

Tasambeker went off into the hall, crying about what she had done, but didn’t get far before Imperial Daleks entered the hall and exterminated her. (Revelation of the Daleks)

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