Time Lord

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Main Voice Actor:

Nicola Boyce


Taris was a childhood friend of Romana. She and her brother Rorvan broke into classified CIA records looking for information on their missing parents. For this crime, they were executed in the Oubliette of Eternity, but instead of being dispersed from history, they were changed into beings of anti-time. They were found in the Antiverse by fellow Neverperson Sentris, who involved them in a plot to destroy Gallifrey.

President Romana eventually made her way to the Antiverse, following clues left by Sentris. Rorvan and Taris made a personal appeal to Romana, but the Oubliette of Eternity had erased all memory and knowledge of their existence.

Rorvan and Taris went to observe CIA Coordinator Vansell as he repaired the visiting Time Station for a return to the normal universe. Romana, Vansell, Rorvan and Taris stopped at the Time Station’s temporal engine to effect repairs. Vansell trapped the two Neverpeople in the engine with himself and opened the engine’s Zybanium shield. All three of them were consumed by the temporal maelstrom While Romana escaped. (Neverland)

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