TARDIS Adventure Collection

TARDIS Adventure Collection

TARDIS Adventure Collection


A specially created TARDIS boxset containing six Eleventh Doctor audio originals that comprises of

The Eye of the Jungle
The Hounds of Artemis
The Gemini Contagion
The Jade Pyramid
The Runaway Train
The Ring of Steel

The Runaway Train (Narrated by Matt Smith, “The 11th Doctor”):

Arriving on Earth in 1864, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy must get a posse together to help them retrieve an alien artifact. The duo are chased across the Wild West by the alien race, theironly hope of escape is catching the 3:25 train to Arizona.

Ring of Steel (Narrated by Arthur Darvill, “Rory“):

n Orkney in the near future, theconstruction of dozens of new electricity pylons is met with local resistance. Just as The Doctor and Amy arrive, the protesters are terrified to see the pylons come to life and begin to walk…

The Jade Pyramid (Narrated by Matt Smith, “The 11th Doctor”):

Intercepting a distress call, the TARDIS is drawn to a Shinto shrine in medieval Japan, where The Doctor and Amy are met by village elder Shijo Sada. He explains that the ogre-like mannequins surrounding the holy site are harmless guardians, called Otoroshi. Whilst The Doctor is tracked by a ninja assassin, Amy discovers what happens to trespassers at the shrine.

The Hounds of Artemis (Narrated by Matt Smith, “The 11th Doctor”):

The Doctor and Amy have come to Smyrna in 1929 to investigate a mystery. The Doctor knows something very bad happened there: something caused a lot of people to die and an entire, magnificent Temple to be found and then immediately lost again. But he doesn’t know what is picking off the archaeologists one by one, or how it is connected to the terrifying howling in the night.

The Gemini Contagion (Narrated by Meera Syal, “Nasreen Chaudhry”):

The ice-planet Vinsk, in the year 2112. The all-new anti-viral hand wash, Gemini, has been laced with Meme-Spawn: a sentient micro-organism which makes the user fluent in every language in the universe. When The Doctor and Amy are separated, they both know that it’s only a matter of time before Amy is infected.

The Eye of the Jungle (Narrated by David Troughton, “Professor Hobbes”):

The Amazon rainforest, 1827. The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in the jungle near a hurriedly abandoned campsite, where they are surrounded by hungry black caiman-huge lizards. Only the arrival of a man with a rifle sees off the giant beasts. Oliver Blazington has come to the forest to bag big game, and his companion Garrett is a naturalist, collecting exotic creatures for London Zoo. But The Doctor soon discovers that another very different hunter is stalking the Amazon


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