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The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo
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Tanya Adeola

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Coal Hill School
Coal Hill defenders


Vivian Adeola


Jasper Adeola


Jarvis Adeola
Damon Adeola

First Seen In:

For Tonight We Might Die

Other Appearances:

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo
Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart
Brave-ish Heart
The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did
The Lost
The Stone House
What She Does Next Will Astound You
Life Experience
Everybody Loves Reagan
Now You Know…
The Soers’ Ditch

Main Actor:

Vivian Oparah

Other Voice Actors:

Joanna McGibbo


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Tanya Adeola was a student at Coal Hill Academy. In 2013, when she was eleven years old, Tanya was moved up three years at Coal Hill School, due to her “outstanding examination results” and “truly extraordinary academic capability”.

When she was fourteen years old, in 2016, she reached sixth form. Tanya was in the group of students the Twelfth Doctor asked to protect Coal Hill.

She lived with her family in Flat 15 at Clarendon House, St James’s Place, in London.


Tanya was born to Jasper and Vivian Adeola, (Nightvisiting, For Tonight We Might Die) sometime around 2002. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) She had two older brothers, Jarvis and Damon. (Nightvisiting) Tanya had an aunt who brought her a flamenco doll from a holiday in Spain. (The Stone House) She also had a grandmother. (The Lost)

When Tanya was little, the family went to see the Regimental Horses and Tanya mistook a puddle of horse urine for a regular puddle, she jumped in it shouting “Puddle, puddle!”. This event let to her father to nicknaming her Puddle. (Nightvisiting)

Around the same time, Tanya stole some sweets from an off-licence. She tried to pretend she didn’t know it was wrong, but her mother sat her down, and made her tell the truth. (Detained)

Tanya’s father was a policeman. She would look in on him at night, no matter how late it was in order to check that he was okay. This would lead to him checking on her in the same fashion. (Nightvisiting) He passed away from a stroke in October 2014. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, Nightvisiting) Around this time, Tanya attended Coal Hill School. (Nightvisiting)

Tanya was afraid that Vivian blamed her for the loss of her husband. (The Stone House)

On 19 July 2013, following outstanding examination results, Coal Hill School accepted Tanya’s request to move up three years. (Nightvisiting)


Three years later, she started sixth form. Tanya struggled making friends at Coal Hill Academy, due to being younger than everyone else. The one student who offered friendship to Tanya initially was April MacLean, though Tanya wasn’t entirely happy with being friends with the school’s social outcast. She regularly helped Ram Singh with his homework, and in return, he would pay money into her gaming account. During one of their video calls, Tanya was attacked by a Shadow Kin. She managed to defeat it by removing all the shadows from the room. This knowledge would later help her and her friends, along with the Twelfth Doctor and Miss Quill, temporarily defeat Corakinus and the Shadow Kin at the Autumn Prom. (For Tonight We Might Die)

She was also friends with Sophie. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

Tanya continued to do video calls with Ram after the prom. She told him about her dad’s death and how she coped with it in order to show him that she understood what he was going through after the death of his girlfriend, Rachel Chapman. She helped Ram investigate a skin-peeling dragon at Coal Hill. She later witnessed Mr Armitage being skinned alive by the dragon while trying to protect April, Charlie, and Tanya herself. She watched as Coach Dawson, who had the female dragon fused to his body in the form of a tattoo, was taken away by the male dragon to be killed. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

One Tuesday, Tanya, April and Charlie saw Amar Sai on the roof. They managed to prevent “joyrider” Viola Cummings, who was controlling Amar’s body, from running a trial suicide at his expense.

As Tanya and her friends gathered in Charlie’s house to decide how to find Ram, who did not come to school, her body was overtaken by “joyrider”, James Banks. Miss Quill then knocked Tanya’s body out. (Joyride)

On the two year anniversary of Jasper’s death, a creature called the Lankin came through the rift and took the form of people’s dead loved ones. The Lankin, in the form of Jasper, tried to entice Tanya into embracing him and thus allowing the Lankin to feed on her grief. She knew that this was not her father, and poisoned the Lankin with the anger she felt when Jasper died. When Miss Quill drove a double-decker bus into the trunk of the Lankin, it knocked the doppelgänger off Jasperout of the window, and in a weakened state, the Lankin retreated back into the rift. Tanya later reminisced about her father with her mother. (Nightvisiting)

Tanya tried to ask her friends to lunch, but none of them wanted to as they had just started relationships. Paul Sanchez asked her to show her round the place and lateron a date. She thought it was cool that Paul was from Ecuador. She told Paul that she didn’t entirely like him being with her friends, but Paul said that they would like to be with her more but assume that she isn’t allowed out. She started to become paranoid, especially when Paul started hanging out with her friends. She later apologised to Paul about it. When she decided to skip a morning she found a duplicate version of her in the school. When Paul decided to leave, she was worried that she wouldn’t find anyone to love her again. She then decided to hide in Quill’s classroom. (Catfish)

When Tanya saw Amira seemingly calling for help from a window of an old stone house in Shoreditch, she first called the police. When this did not help, she enlisted Ram’s help to break into the house. Confronted with unusual sounds inside, they left and she started investigating present and former owners of the house. Tanya managed to persuade all Coal Hill defenders to go and check what was wrong with the house. During one of their visits, the female bone spider living in the house managed to separate Tanya from the others and trap her in the house. There she became friends with Amira, another prisoner of the bone spider. Neither Tanya nor Amira could see who is keeping them in the house. While the spider was distracted by the demolition crew, the girls had a chance of escaping. Instead Tanya insisted on getting to the bottom of this business. Thus, she confronted the bone spider and, though initially scared, soon realised she did not mean to harm anyone. When Miss Quill, Amira and Alan Turnpike captured the spider in her own web, Tanya freed her despite Miss Quill’s protestations. Only then could the communication between the spider and the humanoids be established. Tanya also persuaded Miss Quill that it was their responsibility to find the lost child of the spider and led the effort of finding its possible location in the papers left in the attic. Together with Alan she found the baby spider in Parsons family vault and brought her back to the house. She helped Amira report smugglers to the police. (The Stone House)

She teased Ram that he hadn’t found a work experience placement, so she signed him up for the same place as her, Sevelin Laboratories. She had the ideas that she wanted to give the mayor to improve the community. She was really excited at being in the lab. When the labs went into lockdown, she thought that they were infected with something by Alicia Yan admitted it wasn’t part of it. After Aubrey Khan shot the Mayor she screamed at him as he didn’t think of what he was doing because he had a gun. She used chemicals in the cleaning cupboard to cause an explosion. She sent Marta Vanderburgh back to the basement after she threaten to kill Tanya. (Life Experience)

April explained to Tanya when she lost 3 hours when talking to Reagan Harper. Tanya mentioned that Reagan had been there since the start of term. Tanya later found April hiding behind some lockers after having talking to Reagan. She failed one of the mocks but wasn’t distraught about it. Tanya started to think that she knew Reagan since primary school. She ran away from Reagan as she thought something was wrong there. After Reagan disappeared she gave an apology cake to April. (Everybody Loves Reagan)

She stayed behind one day studying for Maths. Her friend Michelle chastised her for it. She was slightly upset when the caretaker was found attacked. She was concerned about him as it reminded of herof how she worried about her father. She told Matteusz of the excuse the school put out about the recent happenings at the school. She found emails about the caretaker’s and Chris Richards condition. She noticed that the attacker was wearing a Coal Hill School uniform but from before it was an academy. She wrote a computer programme to find information about missing students in the Coal Hill, and found the description matched a missing student Peter Dillard. She worked out that Peter was a bullied student and that’s was he was attacking people. She worked out that she had to bully someone to get Peter to manifest. After he did, she learnt how he came to be there and went through the rift to find out where he came from. She convinced him that he was just as bad as the bullies for doing this. (Now You Know…)

At the time when the killer petals arrived, she became curious if Charlie appeared completely human and asked Matteusz Andrzejewski this, thinking that he would know due to their intimacy. After Ram told her that Corakinus was influencing April, she arrived in time to see April travel to the Underneath. (Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) After going to tell Ram’s father that Ram had travelled to the Underneath, and with him and April’s parents they travelled to Coal Hill as the Killer Petals started to engulf humans. She received a text message from Matteusz telling her that “Shadow kills petals”. She encouraged Jackie MacLean to picture April in her mind to help April find her way back from the Underneath. She then told April about Matteusz’ text. (Brave-ish Heart)

Tanya helped her friend to revise for their physics mock. During a physics mock she muttered about a the Quill history in Quill’s mind. (Mock)

She was put in detention by Quill with the rest of her friends. A meteor containing a Prisoner collided with the classroom, taking it into no-time, no-space. She was intrigued into what the meteor contained and why it was there. After observing that when Matteusz held the meteor he started acting strangely, she decided to hold it to get more information about it. She realised that an alien consciousness was inside the meteor and as he asked them to confess they could ask him things. As part of the anger she felt she confessed that she thought that the rest of the gang didn’t think of her as a friend but more of a little sister, as she was three years younger then the rest of them. She also had some racial tensions stirring up inside her. Charlie killed the Prisoner, bringing the classroom back to Earth. (Detained)

She distanced herself from her friends, once she knew what they thought of her. Her mother noticed this and asked her about this but she wouldn’t respond and said she was focusing on her studies. Soon after Corakinus killed her mother. This made her angry and she went to Charlie’s house to get him to use the Cabinet of Souls to destroy the Shadow Kin. She instead found Quill there who told her to bring the Cabinet to the school. She went to check on her brothers, arriving in time to see Corakinus start to attack them. Quill managed to fight him off, whilst Tanya urged her brothers to flee to her grandmother’s. Following this, Tanya asked to be taught how to fight. She used this to her advantage after Charlie, as King of the Shadow Kin, activated the Cabinet of Souls and had to fight off the Shadow Kin who wanted to stop him. (The Lost)


Tanya was intelligent, enough so that she was moved up three years. (Nightvisiting, Detained) Ram believed she was a genius, though Tanya denied the impartiality of some tests she had taken. She knew enough chemistry to make laboratory materials work to her advantage. (Life Experience) She also managed to begin hacking the UNIT database, though this was a work in progress, and what she had, she downloaded from Reddit. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) She was also in the habit of hacking the Pentagon. (The Stone House)

Tanya proved to be a caring individual, such as when she would look in on her father to make sure he returned home safe from his police work (Nightvisiting) and when she comforted Ram Singh after the death of Rachel Chapman. (For Tonight We Might Die, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) She also argued with Charlie Smith over his treatment of Miss Quill. (Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

She would be become enraged when people made rash decisions without first examining evidence, and would not stand for violent action. Tanya believed that people with guns rarely thought before firing them, and that such people made the world a dangerous place. (Life Experience)

Whenever possible, she favoured tact and deduction, and proved to be quite resourceful in a life-threatening situation. While others panicked, she would sometimes take up a leadership role, in spite of her youth, and had no trouble giving orders to adults to ensure their survival. (Life Experience)

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