Tania Bell



Tania Bell



First Appearance:

Lost Property


Wild Animals
Must-See TV
Divine Intervention

Main Voice Actor:

Rebecca Root


Tania Bell was a companion of the Eighth Doctor, member of Torchwood Three and a resident of Baker Street in 2020.

Tania was transgender, a fact that some people did not like. (Wild Animals) In 2014, she was sent by Torchwood Three to live at 107 Baker Street to await The Doctor’s return. She lived in Flat 1, which, unbeknownst to her, was bugged with cameras, and was in contact with Sergeant Andy Davidson. (Must-See TV)

In 2020, the Eighth Doctor moved into the house with companions Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair. (Lost Property) Aisha Akhtar lived in 107 Baker Street with her sister, Zakia. She had to be careful to keep The Doctor from learning about Torchwood as it was too early in his timeline for him to be aware of them. (Must-See TV) She entered into a romantic relationship with Liv (Wild Animals) and agreed to a “no questions, no lies” policy with regards to their secrets. (Must-See TV)


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  • Tania is the first transgender companion in any Doctor Who media.

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