Tales from the TARDIS Volume One

Tales from the TARDIS Volume One
Tales from the TARDIS Volume One


The Curse of Peladon Read by Jon Pertwee

On a primitive planet, The Doctor and Jo encounter a delegation of aliens – including the Ice Warriors

Kinda Read by Peter Davison

A serpent at the heart of paradise poses danger for the TARDIS crew and a human survey team.

Attack of the Cybermen Read by Colin Baker

The Cybermen are intent on a plan to change history – by crashing Halley’s Comet into Earth.

Out of the Darkness Read by Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant

Three gripping original short stories featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Short Trips Read by Nicholas Courtney and AceSophie Aldred

Six short stories featuring familiar Doctor Who characters in intriguing and original situations.

Incidental music from the original stories is also included.

For PC and Mac users, this MP3-CD also features a special TARDIS-themed viewer screen, images from the original series, excerpts from other Doctor Who CD releases, web links and additional features.


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