The Taint

The Taint
The Taint


The TARDIS has finally brought The Doctor and Sam back to Earth – and straight into danger.

It is 1963. Six very different people have been gathered together for study by parapsychologist Charles Roley in his stately home outside London. All of them claim to have been possessed by the devil, and all have shared similar delusions – they describe the same bizarre”death cave” riddled with demons.

Roley’s experiments are having a gradual yet terrifying effect on his subjects, and the Doctor and Sam discover the connections between those tainted with the madness are more disturbing than anyone could guess.

For The Doctor, too, has seen the cave they describe – on a dead world, billions of years ago.


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  • The Taint was the nineteenth BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel. It was written by Michael Collier. It featured The Doctor and Samantha Jones and introduced Fitz Kreiner.
  • After regaining consciousness, Sam considers asking, “Anyone get the number of that Dalek?”
  • The Doctor tells Fitz if he doesn’t want to learn, he had “best go to university, then.”
  • Fitz Kreiner is working in a garden centre when he meets The Doctor.
  • Fitz pretends to be French until he’s called out by The Doctor.

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