System Shock

 System Shock
System Shock


We’re dicing with death on the information superhighway to hell.”

A rebellion on another planet. A kidnapping in central London. The head of MI5 assassinated. A hostage siege suddenly and violently ended by the SAS. A computer CD slipped into the Fourth Doctor’s pocket by a dead man…

It’s 1998, and the global information superhighway is about to come on line. OffNet controls everything digital from cars to sliding doors, from interactive television to military command and control systems.

The Doctor and Sarah must join forces with an old friend in a race against time: to prevent the breakdown of technological society and foil an unconventional alien takeover bid.


  • IF…
  • THEN…
  • 00 Begin Program
  • 01 Meetings
  • 02 Involvement
  • 03 Search Patterns
  • 04 Hubway
  • 05 office Work
  • 06 System Crashes
  • 07 Schedules
  • 08 Set-up
  • 09 Breaking the Code
  • 0A Take-over Bid
  • 0B Snakes Alive
  • 0C Negotiatedition
  • 0D Bugs
  • 0E On the Tiles
  • 0F Plans
  • 10 Intelligent Systems
  • 11 Escape Sequences
  • 12 Voractyll Unleashed
  • 13 Shutdown
  • 14 Executive Conclusion
  • Else..



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