Suzie Costello

Everything Changes
Suzie as in Everything Changes


NameSuzie Costello
Played By
 Indira Varma
First appearanceEverything Changes
Last appearanceThey Keep Killing Suzie

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Suzie Costello, portrayed by Indira Varma, is a principal character in the first episode”Everything Changes“. The second-in-command of Torchwood Three, the Cardiff-based wing of the Torchwood Institute, she has been researching a piece of alien technology, a glove which has the ability to resurrect creatures that have recently died, but only for a short period of time. It is revealed later in the episode that she has been murdering people in order to create test subjects for the Glove, having become obsessed with trying to make it work permanently. While confessing her crimes to Gwen Cooper, she prepares to shoot Gwen in order to cover up her crimes, when Jack arrives. Suzie shoots Jack in the head, but he rises again due to his inability to die, and she commits suicide by placing the muzzle beneath her chin and shooting herself instead.

In”They Keep Killing Suzie“, the Torchwood team brings her back to life using the Resurrection Gauntlet (wielded by Gwen) and the “Life Knife”. Unknown to the team, this was part of a plan that Suzie set up months before her death. She appears to be resurrected permanently and unable to be killed. However, this is because the gauntlet is continuing to transfer life energy between her and Gwen. Suzie feels inferior to and resents Gwen for”replacing” her in all areas, including having a relationship with Owen Harper. When asked what she experienced while dead, she initially claims that she remembers nothing but darkness, but later tells Jack that she sensed something in the darkness that is coming for him. Suzie manipulates Gwen into freeing her from the base and subsequently murders her own father. Expressing regret over Gwen’s impending death but still willing to sacrifice her to remain alive, Suzie continues draining Gwen’s life energy and remains alive even after Jack shoots her multiple times, until Toshiko Sato destroys the gauntlet, breaking the energy transfer and finally killing Suzie once more. Jack tells Ianto Jones to record the multiple causes of death as “Death by Torchwood”.

Suzie has a leading role in the novel Long Time Dead, a prequel to Torchwood: Miracle Day,  and also a new audio for Big Finish

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