Suzanne Clare



Suzanne Clare



Place of Origin:


Affiliated With:

Maurice Vallan

First Seen In:

A Gamble With Time


My Enemy’s Enemy
The Movellan Manoeuvre
The Dalek Gambit

Main Voice Actor:

Carolyn Seymour


Suzanne Clare was an international arms dealer in the 1970s. Toby Kinsella thought she was currently trading alien weapons. She owned the casino which the Counter-Measures team investigated. She worked out that he was being played by Gus Kalwarowsky. She later gave Ian Gilmore an ultimatum. (A Gamble With Time)

She made contact with the Counter-Measures team to give herself up. She wanted sanctuary from August Frazer as he was trying to kill her. Allison Williams interrogated her about why she wanted the sanctuary and the gift she gave the team. She wanted either the demise of Counter-Measures or Frazer. She eventually revealed that the gift was able to change their personalities to make them more manipulative. She was later transmatted into a cultural entangler with Frazer by Bernard and the request of Gilmore. (My Enemy’s Enemy) Clare escaped the entangler with her personal teleport, finding herself in a Movellan ship. The Movellans were poised to invade Earth as part of the Dalek-Movellan War, and Clare allied with them.

Later, Counter-Measures noticed that Clare Industries was advertising the Robo-Helper 2000. (The Movellan Manoeuvre)

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