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Please remain calm While your central nervous system is disabled.

Congratulateditions on purchasing your Ganymede Systems series twelve smartsuit. Your life is in our hands! Oxygen is available at competitive prices. Please continue to breathe normally, and have your cr details ready!

Ganymede Systems are proud to run the mining facilities at station Chasm Forgeat Ganymede Systems, your comfort is our profit. Every single element needed for life has been monetised and your survival is linked to the ability to pay for resources. You’re welcome!

Your series twelve smartsuit is capable of performing a variety of complex functions and can be fully automated to operate with or without an on-board organic component. These functions include: improved motor function, welding, limited problem solving, life support and a fully customisable entertainment system. The smartsuit is also capable of operating in a zero-gravity environment. Expandable helmets constructed from the latest in flexible materials mean no more struggling to carry heavy headgear. A voice-activated interface allows you to interact with your suit with ease. Smartsuits are capable of communicating with each other. The series twelve suit now has sufficient artificial intelligence to respond to your needs before you even know them!

Ganymede Systems would like to reassure customers that a number of isolated incidents recently reported have no basis in fact and employee deaths whilst working with series twelve smartsuits are purely coincidental. (Customer safety, within respectable profit margins, is our primary concern). All suits have been tested and proved to work in line with expected programming parameters – and of course, all functions can be overridden with specific commands issued by our technicians here at Ganymede Core!

CAUTION: Suit not to be brought into contact with sonic technology. Electrical discharge danger.

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